Rise of Kyrien

Devastation of Thistletop

Shale Andosana, the elven ranger, lead the Shadowguard Sergeants to the Thistletop Fort. Unable to join them with goblin forces moving in the area, Shale departed.

The group made their way through the thorny walls of the maze that lead to Thistletop, and encountered a frightened goblin druid who told them in trembling tones that he was afraid of the newcomers to Thistletop and the woman who lead them.

Infiltrating the fortification, the group discovered, and won, the game of ‘killgull’. Showing off the book and tattoo, Eli tried to negotiate a peaceful entry. But such luck was not upon their side as orders apparently came through to kill the intruders. What chance had a handful of goblins against the trained Shadowguard? None. At all.

A horse was rescued. Shadowmist was starved and beaten for weeks by the goblins. He will accept no rider, and barely a touch from any but the first being to show him kindness. Wynter now has a friend.

The underground caverns of Thistletop held a variety of threats. But all were dispatched with varying success. Eli possibly took more damage than the rest of the party put together…but then he will insist on opening the doors first. After the first few times, it was decided the barbarian would go first.

Tragedy struck upon the second level.

Pie’o’pah, the intrepid rogue, had deactivated a trap sprung by the barbarian, Bryn. As they were crossing the trapped section of flooring, he slipped and fell. The trap sprung. With his companions unable to assist, he was hit by two glaives. And before many more seconds passed, the floor gave way, dropping him into a spiked pit.

Barely alive, the party discussed how to get him out.

The trap reset. Closing the floor over the unconscious man.

A brief discussion ensued and it was decided the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few. Pie’o’pah would be mourned by those left behind.

Finally encountering Nualia, the vengeful half-angel, the party was given a moment to speak to her before she would carve a bloody swath through their midst.

Eli stepped forward. When asked why he carved her mark upon himself, he replied honestly that he wished only to infiltrate her ranks. She was amused by his forthrightness, and thanked him for only helping to fulfill her purpose.

As the conversation continued, Nualia was convinced to lay aside her vengeance…for the moment. To meet with the General of Kyrien and have her abilities trained in other directions – rather than face inevitable death.

For reasons she did not articulate, Nualia agreed, but only if a guarantee could be made for her safety. Eli agreed for the party, and the party made haste for the journey home.

Messages flew from Eli to the General and back again, negotiating the terms.

Arriving in Milltown, the group occupied an inn to await the arrival of the General. The following day, a retinue approached the town. The General was angered by the actions of the group, but was convinced to give Nualia a chance. The General acceded, but only after asking if the group would vouch with their own lives for the future of the half-angel. Warily they agreed.

Nualia was whisked away to a hidden location without further word, and the General gave the group leave until the end of the week.

The party had a moment to relax. All returned to Kyrien Castle and it was a few days of down time before Eli was called to the General’s quarters. She introduced him to their new companion to replace the deceased Pie, a new graduate of the Shadowguard training. The newcomer was sent to meet with the rest of the party while Eli met with the General on other business.

What will the new adventure bring?



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