Rise of Kyrien


While Wynter and Eli got answers from the partner of the murdered man, Jarod and Bryn scouted the lumber mill. It’s silence was eerie. The bodies were wrapped and ready for transport, and Jarod stood in the doorway of the mill, his arms folded as he frowned.
“We have to be missin’ something. Some…clue.” He scowled in frustration.
Bryn shrugged as she booted aside a pile of old sacks, their fabric spotted with blood. Not much around here wasn’t splattered.
A clattering sound made her pause. An axe spun briefly between them. Jarod strode over, squatted, and picked up the weapon. He lifted it and studied the surface thoughtfully, before going quite green and hurling his last meal over the dusty wooden floor.
Bryn grinned. “You alright there?”
Jarod wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and jerkily held it out. “Here, you can hold the goddamn thing.”
Bryn picked it up and went a little pale as the stench of rotten flesh assailed her nostrils. “We should get this back.”

Bryn lifted a tankard of ale and leaned back in her chair. She took a healthy draught and smiled with satisfaction. “Ahhh. Better. Come on…drink up!”
Jarod eyed his tankard warily before picking it up. “Yeah. Still don’t feel so good.”
Loud conversation caught Bryn’s attention.
“No, really! They came alive I tell ya! Pullin’ and moanin’ and runnin’ through tha’ fields after me. I got my arse outta there right quick, I tells ya!”
“Pull the other one, Harry.”
“I’m not bullshittin’ ya. Ain’t heard from the neighbours in a few days. I just got me and the missus outta here.”
Bryn glanced at Jarod. He huffed a breath.
“Is this what it’s always like?” he asked plaintively.
“Sometimes we kill things.” Bryn smiled brightly as she stood up, gesturing to the innkeeper for a round of ales for the farmers in the corner. “That’s a heap more fun.”

“Well I don’t often do myself a couple, but for you two I could make an exception.” The exquisite beauty sashayed her way toward Eli and Wynter.
Wynter made an unladylike snort of laughter. Eli deadpanned.
“We are Shadowguard, ma’am,” he managed after a moment.
“I haven’t had one of those either.” An enticing smile curved her lips.
“We just need to ask you some questions about Alora.”
The whore’s lips pouted in a moue of disappointment, but she answered the questions agreeably enough.
Alora met many men. She was saving to go away from Sandpoint. She wanted to see the world. And would often do jobs off the books to earn more money. One name was familiar – Aldern Foxglove. And the dead man from last night had seen her several times.

“We gotta go.” Bryn pushed her way into the Pixie’s Kitten. “There’s a problem.”
“Another one?” Wynter asked, incredulous.
“Yeah. Come on.”
“Come back and see me soon,” the Kitten winked at Eli.


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