Rise of Kyrien

Meeting the General

Meeting the General
“You vouched for her.” Bright blue eyes burned cold with anger as they rested upon each member of the team, then lastly upon Eli.
He shifted uncomfortably. “Yes.”
“And you let her get away.”
“Yes.” He met her gaze.
There was a long silence. The General glanced down at a pile of papers and selected one between a calloused thumb and forefinger. She held it up and read from the contents.
“Captain Ameiko has requested assistance in investigating a series of murders that have taken place around Sandpoint,” she tossed the parchment on her table and looked up.
The group looked at each other warily. That was it?
“Don’t let me detain you.”
When the door closed, there was an audible release of breath.
“I thought she was gonna flay you alive, Eli.” Freyja slapped the man on the back.
Eli rubbed a dark bruise on his chest.
“Yeah. She isn’t known for like…mercy when people screw up…” Jarod drawled. Then frowned. “This Sandpoint place. What’s the deal there?”
“Get your kit,” Wynter patted him sympathetically on the shoulder. “You have a long ride ahead.”


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