Rise of Kyrien

Mystery below Sandpoint

The party met with the grieving Sergeant Quinn Ameko. They spoke briefly, filling her in on the events of the past few hours and the death of Morgan Suto and his father. The Captain seems to have left the town, leaving Ameko and her two remaining guardsmen to keep the town safe.

Returning to the Glassworks, Calyth Suto was found in a storage basement level below the Glassworks. Beaten and bloodied, she was carried from the silent factory and taken to the infirmary for treatment. Unconscious, she was unable to be questioned.

The group had discovered a broken wall, through which the goblins and Suto had accessed.

A grim discovery was made. A set of catacombs were underneath the town of Sandpoint. The first cavern had the group facing a beast they had never seen before. Ugly and smelling of death, they fought the beast and defeated it’s poisonous attacks.

Further into the tunnels and a cavern was discovered. A creature crawled from the pool in the centre, dropping its blood into the depths to call forth two more of the foul beasts. The combat was brutal, the creature from the depths a gifted mage who hacked and slashed at her attackers.

Bleeding and bruised the party has a brief respite as the bodies of the spawn lie at their feet. Where to now?


silenced_shell silenced_shell

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