Human Barbarian


Level 2:
Stats – 18 str, 16 dex, 15 con, 12 intel, 12 wis, 11 char
AC – 20
HP – 31
Weapons – Heavy Shield, Longsword, longbow, dagger
Reflex saves – +5 fort, +3 ref, +1 Wil

Level 3:
Stats – same
AC – 20
HP – 41
Weapons – same
Reflex saves – +5 fort, +4 ref, +2 Wil

Level 5
Stats – 19 str, 16 dex, 15 con, 12 int, 12 wis, 11 cha
AC – 20
HP – 63
Weapons – same
Reflex saves6 fort, +4 reflex (1 bonus vs traps), +2 wil


Bryn is almost 6’ tall and has a jagged tattoo on her face that resembles a bolt of lightning. She is a fiery red-haired who never backs down from a fight – in fact, she has been known to look for a good fight on a night of drinking. She always seems like she has something to prove.
Bastard born, she was bullied as a child about this by her older siblings. She learned early to push back, letting her rage get the better of her more often than not.
Bryn was always getting into trouble as a child. She would pick on those deemed weaker than herself in an effort to make them stronger. She was punished on a regular basis until finally she was ostracized from her village.
Bryn spent the better part of her teenage years learning from the local hermit named Hunter who saw her true spirit and attempted to curb her anger and aggression. He taught her how to live off the land and survive. However, unable to stop her aggressive tendencies, even Hunter turned her away.
With no real talents in crafts and no where else to go, she joined the army. Her first battle was where she learned the thrill of violence and chaos and the satisfaction that came with the spoils of victory. Since then, she has learned to channel her aggression into the many battles the army faces. So far this has successfully sated her appetite for destruction, or has it? Are her recent brawls in local pubs and bars her true self or just the tip of the ticking time bomb?


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