Half Elf, Spellcaster, there's something a little ...... strange about her.


Wynter appears to be Half Elven with long white hair and fair skin, one eye is violet and the other amber in colour. Her fingernails are long and claw like. She is attractive but people sometimes find something unsettling about her, perhaps it is her mismatched eyes, her claw like nails or perhaps it’s the way that sometimes her long white hair seems to almost move with a life of its own.

Wynter’s Journal



Despite appearing to be half elven Wynter is in fact a Changeling and the child of a Blood Hag. She was found abandoned in the woods near a small human village by a local woodsman, Kerric, who took her back to his half elven wife Cathran. Having no children of their own they joyfully took her in and raised her. Kerric claimed that when he found her in the woods that there was a fox curled up with her keeping her warm.

The other townsfolk, being of a superstitious nature, were less accepting of the child and she had a lonely childhood, often spent wandering in the woods. She was sure that at times, when she was alone in the woods, she could hear something whispering to her, just at the edge of her hearing, but she could never make out any words.

When she was five years old her foster parents had a child of their own. Wynter adored her little sister, Elsbeth and her sibling returned that adoration, not caring about the differences that set Wynter apart.

Wynter was a clever child and took readily to her mothers teaching of the healing arts but even this did not quell the villagers suspicions of her. From time to time whilst wandering in the woods out side of the village Wynter would see a fox watching her. The fox seemed unafraid of her but would leave if any one else approached and she came to see it as friend. Children who followed her into the woods while she was gathering herbs for her mother claimed to have seen her talking to the fox and this bought back the tale of when Kerric found her furthering the villagers suspicions of her.

When she was 10 years old her father went out on a hunting trip and never returned, many whispered that she had bought bad luck to the village. Not long after that some of her powers began to manifest and she had to hide her increasingly claw like fingernails. The only reason that the villagers didn’t run her off, or worse, was that her mother was the village healer. The whispers continued though and she was more of an outcast than ever.

Over the next couple of years Wynter felt the call of her Hags heritage beckoning to her but, with the support of her mother and sister, was able to resist it until the call finally faded. Her behavior during this time was somewhat erratic which did not help matters with the villagers at all.

Everything finally fell apart in a moment of anger the year she turned fifteen. After years of being avoided or taunted, a particularly cruel prank played upon her by a group of young villagers was the final straw. Wynter lashed out, slapping her tormentor across the face, unintentionally clawing him and tearing open the side of his face. Others came running at the sound of his screams to find Wynter standing over him with blood dripping from her claws. The fact that the young lad, Gunther, was the son of the village mayor made things even worse. Wynter was seized and dragged before the mayor who quickly denounced her as a witch and declared that she be cast out.

This was no simple exile from the village however. On the outskirts of the village was a deep ravine in to which those being cast out would be thrown. If the fall didn’t kill the offender (and they didn’t land in the river and drown) the resulting broken bones would make it near on impossible to climb back out, leaving them to die a slow and painful death unless a predator happened along. Wynter was dragged to the ravine accompanied by a group of town folk all calling enthusiastically for the witch to be cast out. Her mother and sister came running from the village to late to stop what was happening, Wynter could hear their screams as she was tossed out over the edge of the ravine.

Time seemed to slow and the shouting and screaming became muffled, suddenly the whispers she had heard for so long became clear, not so much words as images, impulses and desires and there was an offer clearly made. Wynter accepted and the wind rushing past her suddenly softened into a cushion, lowering her gently in to the ravine and depositing her in to the river where the water gathered her up and carried her away from those trying to harm her. At the top of the ravine the villagers had gone silent and the last thing she heard was her sister calling her name. The river deposited her safely on the bank several miles away where a fox was waiting to lead her to the shelter of a cave where a fire was already lit.

Wynter spent the next year or so alone, wandering the woods and passing from one village to another as she traveled. She missed her mother and sister terribly but knew she could not return and she felt no remorse over what she had done to the village boy, as far as she was concerned he deserved it. She also came to realise that people being afraid of her could work to her advantage, she embraced the fact that she was a witch and stopped trying to hide it. She made use of the healing skills her mother had taught her from time to time, but never for free, if people wanted her help they had to pay for it.

Wynter finally found a place for herself when she responded to a recruiters call and joined the army, her minor spellcasting abilities and more importantly, her healing skills were welcomed. For the first time she was accepted somewhere. She struck up a friendship with a Half Orc woman, Freyja, who just accepted Wynter as she was and didn’t care about her heritage, knowing all too well what that was like. They completed their term of service and were selected to undertake elite training together.

Wynter has been hardened by her experiences and does not trust easily, she is ruthless and cares nothing for most people. She does look after her friends though and works well with her current companions.


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