Rise of Kyrien

Monster in My Closet, Mummy!

The people of Sandpoint are collecting their dead and healing their wounded as the party investigates how the goblins got into town.

The Northern gates were opened, and the guards dead. A sharp dagger was responsible for the wounds. The broken shaft was discovered buried to the hilt in the ribs of the unfortunate wall guard.
The party remembered seeing four men on guard as they came through earlier that day. When this was mentioned to Sgt Ameiko, she said it was odd, she had only assigned three to the walls and gate. She had no idea who the fourth was, until Elijah laid the dagger before her. She said, as was suspected, that Morgan Suto owned the dagger.

Relaxing for the moment in the Cracktooth Tavern, the party spoke with Ameiko about the attack. She said that Suto had a father and sister in town. There was some conflict within the family, Ameiko thought it had something to do with the sister. The party decided to go talk to the sister, Calyth Suto.

Elijah heard a young child’s voice over the din of the tavern. Quinn’s nephew was eating dinner with his mother and chattering loudly about the monster in his closet. This bothered Elijah, and he spoke to the young boy, leaving the kid in awe and talking excitedly about the tattoos that patterned the ex-monk’s skin.
Elijah returned to the party, concerned. He felt they should look in on the family home – the monster sounded very much like a goblin to him.

With a quick decision, the party went to the Ameiko household first. Quinn unlocked the back door and they made their way through the house.

The boy’s bedroom was sadly occupied. The family dog was killed, a blade spilling his blood over the clean floor. And a man sprawled with head and shoulders in the closet. He was tugged backward, his limbs slack. When Wynter turned the body over, she was horrified to see his face and throat were jagged wet wounds, the flesh eaten out.

The goblin responsible flew from the hole in the closet, attacking Pi as he investigated. A short battle ensued and the party destroyed the foul creature. Quinn wept at the side of her brother, Elijah went to the front door to intercept the wife with her little boy in tow. At a loss when she began weeping, he was relieved when Quinn came to pull the sister away, taking her to her own home. She begged the party to please take the body to the infirmary at the barracks and to meet with her the following morning.

After delivering the body, the party went to the Rusty Dragon, the tavern that Calyth Suto owns. Speaking to a buxom, pretty barmaid, the party were let into the room. A screwed up note was found from Morgan to his sister, begging her to meet him at the Glassworks. He said his father was behind the attacks and he wished help in making sure he faced justice.

The party decided to go to the Glassworks to try to intercept the meeting.

Too late, the party realised the Glassworks was shut down, even though it should have been operating. Stealthily entering the building, the party discovered the workers had been killed and upon opening the doors of the forge, they made a gruesome discovery.

A dozen workers lay in various dismembered parts, limbs and skulls burned in the massive forges. In the centre of the room sat an old man bound to a chair, coated in a thick layer of molten glass. He had died in agony.

Before many more minutes had passed, eight goblins and a half elf archer entered the room, attacking the party. After a fast, brutal battle, the goblins lay dead, and the archer, after wounding Wynter badly, was burnt almost beyond recognition.

A medallion that swung from his neck matched a medallion taken from the neck of the old man.

Wounded and weary, the party must now decide their next action.

Where is the missing girl?
Where will their investigation take them now?

Goblin Attack!

_Goblins chew and goblins bite.
Goblins cut and goblins fight.
Stab the dog and cut the horse,
goblins eat and take by force!

Goblins race and goblins jump
goblins slash and goblins bump.
Burn the skin and mash the head,
goblins here and you be dead!

Chase the baby, catch the pup.
Bonk the head to shut it up.
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
we be goblins! you be food!_

Despite their best efforts, the group is unable to secure Sandpoint against the goblin attack. Insider assistance had most of the goblins already inside, along with gates opened that were once closed!

The thunderstone that cracked its sound across the town square heralded the beginning of the attack. What began was a bloodbath. Dozens of goblin-kind scattered the townsfolk, slashing at legs. Dogs and children particularly targeted.

The group drove back the goblins in the square, and followed the sound of combat into the town, defending the cowering Aldren Foxglove who offered to reward them later.

The sound for retreat was made and the goblins scattered, leaving behind their dead.

Sgt Wynter offered her assistance with healing the embattled soldiers and the injured nobleman. Sgt Ameko accepted the offer warily, but was grateful for the outcome.

The rest of the group went into the Cathedral to speak to the High Priest. When the cemetery was examined, it was discovered that the bones of the priest that had been burned when the original church had caught fire, were missing.

It would seem the attack had been a diversion for the goblins to obtain the bones.

Sgt Pi was keen to give chase, but the rest of the group stayed his enthusiasm. They, too, were wounded and needed rest before continuing onward. There would be time enough to catch up to the thieving little shits.



Sgt Elijah Thorne rides for Fort Rannick, as the rest of the party investigates what happened to the Rangers. A safe remains unopened and the logs of the Fort were scanned. The Captain had noted that a squad of Rangers had been sent into the Elisir Forest before the attack. No record of that patrol returning.

As the bodies were examined, two coins were found on those with the mysterious seven pointed tattoo. A lotus gambling coin and chrysanthemum gambling coin with the word Paradise upon it.

As night fell and preparations made to secure the empty Fort, a rider approached with all haste. A youthful Private in the Kyrien Army demanded to speak with the Rangers. When he realised that they were all dead, he begged your small band to help the small town of Sandpoint. Under threat from a large organised band of goblins, the Private was seriously concerned.

The decision was made to help out, since the direction of the party of attackers seemed to head east. Weather hindered tracking, and the decision was made to just continue to Sandpoint with the hope that the trackers in Sandpoint might have seen something.

The town of Sandpoint was prepping for the Swallowtail Festival, their last before the long winter months ahead. All of the logging mills were shut down for the two days of partying that would take place.

Upon meeting the Captain, the party were told that it was all a lie. There was no group of goblins or anyone else. The desk riding officer dismissed the indignant Private and spoke to the party alone.

He apologised for wasting your time and recommended you stay at one of the local inns and enjoy the Festival. The party queried who was in charge of the tracking squad and was informed that Sgt Ameko was the officer in charge. You asked to speak to her as soon as she came in from patrol.

The party decided to stay at the Cracktooth Tavern, a place that sounded far more disreputable than it turned out to be. Music that was actually good and food that was tasty met the weary party. For a short time they enjoyed the entertainment before the lean, scarred Sgt Ameko strode in. She greeted the party, and they wasted no time getting down to business. It was discovered that Ameko’s subordinate Corporal Suto was meant to report in to the Captain.

When the Sgt and the party confronted the Captain, the man was confused and distressed. With efficiency, the party and Sgt Ameko organised the defence of Sandpoint for the festival on the morrow.

The party then went with the Captain to inform the mayor Kendra that there was trouble afoot. She agreed to help out and arm some of the populace and was disturbed to hear that Corporal Suto, the son of a well known local businessman, was missing after his erroneous report to the Captain.

The party now await the morning and the chaos it might bring…and hopefully the return of the last of their party, Elijah.

To Fort Rannick

The Priestess of Shelyn was killed by Pie as she begged for mercy. Their first mission complete, brief introductions were made with the newcomers, Bryn and Eli. They bring with them new orders from the General. To investigate why Fort Rannick has not reported in in two weeks.

With riders approaching, the party took a chest containing gifts for the King. They swung into the scrub bush and rode hard for Lirien Crossing. They paused on the way, dividing the loot from the chest between themselves and casting the distinctively marked chest away.

The party stopped at an inn after stabling the horses. They paid for rooms and a meal, and the entertainment was free. A local folk band and a flirty pirate captain had Wynter inclined to be more personable than usual. When she kicked him out of her room, she noted that he had a seven pointed jagged scar as a tattoo on his shoulder.

Eli chatted to the innkeeper and discovered that the Rangers from Fort Rannick had not been seen in a week or so. A couple had died when the Paradise, a gambling barge had burned on the River Lirien, along with two dozen or so townsfolk. Very sad. Eli also noted an unusual seven pointed tattoo on the man’s wrist.

The next day had the group traveling for Fort Rannick with no small amount of foreboding. This was confirmed as they drew closer and saw the tortured, twisted bodies of several Rangers hanging from the trees flanking the roadway up to the gates that hung open on their hinges.

And investigation of the Fort revealed more death, and a single half ogre raiding the armory. The ogrekin was knocked out, tied up in the cells and questioned.

The ogrekin claimed his clan had done the damage with the help of a handful of ogres. A powerful force indeed. Strong magic was used to blow open the gates.

But now he refuses to tell the group where his clan are. The family that hold a few of the Rangers alive…at least they were until the previous day.
The ogrekin offers to tell the group of who gave his clan orders in return for them leaving his clan alone. This would be certain death for the remaining Rangers. Their clan leader has the same seven pointed star tattoo.
Eli proposes to return to Lirien Crossing and get word to General Naveth. This has certainly become more dangerously complicated!

First Mission - Assassinate the High Priest of Shelyn

Tired, thirsty and with sand in places where sand has no right to be, your small unit has returned from the Thornwastes having completed elite training. You receive no acknowledgement but the respectful salutes of the soldiers that stand guard in Kyrien Castle. With barely a single nights sleep after a year of solid travel, combat and just trying to survive, you are summoned to the office of General Erin Naveth.

She congratulates you upon the completion of your training and gives you your first mission. She has received word that a High Priest of Shelyn, the Goddess of Peace, Love and Plenty, is to cross the Lirien River within the week. If the High Priest gains the ear of the King, the situation in Kyrien will only worsen. This is no time for peace with pirates and mercenaries operating with freedom on the borders of Kyrien. As it is, the King has ordered Naveth to keep her troops close to home – to protect him.

But Naveth has a secret weapon. Her elite guard.

Wynter, Freyja and Pie are ordered to find this High Priest and assassinate her.

The group ride for Morefield Harbour that afternoon, finding a contact of Pie’s that will find them a barge to travel the Lirien River with swiftness. Gold changes hands and the party is ordered to meet with a barge captain at 11pm.

Captain Filan, a dwarf, offers them passage upon his Eagle, the tidy but aging barge that he travels the Lirien River delivering goods to the impoverished settlements. He says 30 gold, refusing to budge at all negotiations. With some swift talk, Pie does knock him down to 20 gold.
This has offended the businesslike dwarf.

That night, an inept thief breaks into their room. After a swift punch to the jaw that stuns him, Pie successfully puts him in a stranglehold. Discussion ensues with what to do with the man. Deciding that death was too messy, Wynter puts an arcane mark on him and intimidates him into being their servant. Freyja is not especially impressed but goes along with it. They can’t kill him…yet.

Barge – River Eagle
Attacked on the first night, two pirate vessels came alongside the slow moving barge. Seven pirates came on board. Two of Filan’s six man crew were killed. The pirate vessels were scuttled by Pie.
The Captain was healed by Wynter. He let them off at a small hamlet, quite happy to see them go. One thinks that this Captain will not willingly work with the three again.

Travelling across country to intercept the Priest, the three make plans to observe first and take down the religious party before they reach the Lirien Crossing.

On the second day, they spied the carriage and took stock of the riders. Three riders, two in robes, one in chain mail, flanked a carriage. To avoid word of their actions getting out, Wynter and Pie killed a farm lad to stop him seeing their actions, as he had the misfortune to be a mere hundred metres behind the Shelyn priests.

And now the quarry rides before them, innocent of the threat behind. What will next week bring?

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