WJ Entry04 Goblins

Eli stumbled into the tavern the following morning havin’ ridden all night to catch back up to us. Had got to Lirien Crossing, sent a report to the general and had a “discussion” with the bartender about the tattoo. Apparently it gave you free entry onto a gamblin’ barge, which burnt to the waterline a couple of weeks ago. That would explain the townsfolk and some of the rangers havin’ the tattoo but why would the half ogres have the same tattoo ……………….

Eli dropped eight of the bartenders teeth on the table, said he bought them for me……… you, never know when something like that might come in useful I suppose.

We filled him in on what we had found out and what we were expectin’ to happen ….. probably anyway.

Pie wanted to scout outside the town walls so we wandered about out there for a bit, found some tracks but didn’t sight any goblins.

The festival commenced and all seemed good right up until the priest set off a thunderstone to get the crowd’s attention, that’s when the screamin’ started and next thing there goblins and townsfolk runnin’ everywhere.

We fought back and once we had the immediate area cleared moved out and started gatherin’ up any surviving guards and rallyin’ the forces so to speak

Saved some rich lookin’ fella from a couple of goblins and he promised to reward us later if we came to the Bronze Dragon Inn where he was stayin’.

Just after that a signal whistle sounded and the goblins took off, just up an ran, those that were able to anyways.

We met up with sergeant Ameiko and I offered to tend to any wounded soldiers so she led me off to the infirmary while the others decided investigate the temple. Eli seemed to think something was going on there.

Me healin’ skills saved the life of a badly wounded soldier and I tended to a number of other wounds as well. I think that sergeant Ameiko is startin’ to warm to me, which is nice cause I quite like her.

Back at the temple the others were discoverin’ that the goblins had used the distraction of the attack to dig up and steal a body from the graveyard??? The body was of the old priest who died when the old temple burned down ……………….. Now I’m confused, what the hells is going on here………………..?

Entry05 Goblins Part 2

WJ Entry04 Goblins

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