WJ Entry09 In The Deep

Pie finally caught up to us, having stayed behind to finish up some things back in Sandpoint, and we carried on our exploration of the caverns and rooms beneath Thistletop. We came across a disturbing sight in one of the rooms, the Bugbear lieutenant, being entertained by three goblin females. Eeewwww….. Not sure which was worse, the sight of it or the smell of burning hair when I dropped a fire blast on him and the goblins. At any rate I was happy to let Eli & Bryn deal with them. I kept an eye out for any other trouble and Pie took some pot shots through the door with his bow.

We found a number of other rooms, includin’ a prison/torture room with the remains of some poor sods that had been caught. Pie took a few tools from that room.

Oddly enough Eli took a sudden interest in meself as we were wanderin’ down a corridor and started askin’ me about when/how I became a Witch. Caught me a little by surprise after him being leery of me for, well, since we met really. I told him some of the story, but not all of the details. I don’t like rememberin’ all the things that happened, makes me want to hurt things ……….

The last room we came to contained the remaining lietuenant, the “Fire Woman” the goblin guard had told us of. She musta been a sorceress or mage of some sort, wasn’t a Witch at any rate, cause she blasted the first person through the door with a bolt of fire. With Bryn & Eli Pie comin’ for her though she did a runner through some sort of secret door before we could finish her off.

It took us a while to find the door and how to open it but we knew it was there so we kept at it until we got it open. It led to stairs going down. We followed her tracks as best we could, not that there was much choice of directions to go, which led us into a corridor with a couple of statues on either side. Bryn was in the lead and narrowly avoided the trap, as she passed between the statues a iron grate slammed down and she only just got out of the way but she was separated from the rest of us. I was expectin’ an attack to happen right about then but nothing happened. Pie started lookin’ for a release for the grate while Eli tried brute strength, Pie’s method worked and the grate went back up into the roof. He then pointed out the trigger and we had to jump over it. I skipped over without a problem and Eli & Freyja followed but when Pie tried he slipped and triggered the trap again. He tried to avoid the grate but it caught him and then before we could work out how to free him from our side the statues on either side of the corridor swung down the glaives they were holding, both striking Pie. He was badly hurt at this stage and we were still trying to get the grate open when the floor opened up underneath him and he fell a good ten feet into a spiked pit……..

Not sure if he was dead or not by then but he wasn’t movin’ or screamin’. We managed to get the grate open and Freyja had figured out how to jam the grate so it wouldn’t come down on us again and we were just working out how to avoid the blades when the trap reset and the floor closed up again leaving the only person with the skills to get it open trapped in the pit, unconscious or maybe dead already……

Pie has been a companion for quite a while now, for Freyja and meself at least, so I’ll guess we’ll toast his memory next time we’re at a tavern……… I think this is where I should be feelin’ all sad ‘n’ so on but I don’t know that I do……….

Carryin’ on the next room we came to contained the woman behind all the trouble – Nualia. Never did see the sorceress again, smart woman.

So, the doors been flung open, Nualia’s there with some sort of hound all ready to go to battle ……. and Eli starts a conversation with her ……………………. not exactly what I was expectin’…………….

We actually ended up talkin’ her down and into a meetin’ with the General. Eli thinks she could be a good recruit, I can see where he’s comin’ from but it’s not quite how I was expectin’ things to end.

At any rate he returned to Sandpoint to make a report and collect our gear while we stayed with Nualia. We left Thistletop though and she came with us, spent some time talkin’ with her and we connected a little, neither of us havin’ a great time growin’ up an all…

It also seems I have a new friend, the warhorse we freed followed us off Thistletop somehow and has been following us since. I’m the only one he’ll let near him and even then it’s only to rub him down, he’s not up for bein’ ridden. Not quite sure what I’m supposed to do with him, not sure i can do anything with him ?

Eli returned with orders from the General and we set off towards the capital. We went via the river and stopped off at the landing we had set off from when all this started, seems a long time ago…. we sent word to the general and were told to stay put and she would come to us. When she arrived she wasn’t very happy with the way things had turned out, Eli hadn’t mentioned that to us and things got a little tense. I ended up explaining what had happened to the General, what did he put in his report? and she agreed to meet with Nualia after we all agreed that she had potential as a recruit. I can’t say I’m happy with the way things went, was definitely not what i was expectin’ based on what Eli told us, I guess we should have asked him some more questions…..

In the meantime though we have a weeks leave while we wait for our next orders.

Entry10 New Orders – Return to Sandpoint

WJ Entry09 In The Deep

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