WJ Entry13 The Thorn Wastes

We returned to Sandpoint to find that there had been an attack by ghouls while we were away. It had been dealt with though so that’s all good. Quinn was happy to see us back, I was glad that she had made it through the attack okay. We filled her in on what had happened and that people needed to be kept away from that manor house, on pain of death!

Quinn said she would send a messenger to meet us at the tavern so that we could send a report to the General and we headed off to the Rusty Dragon to get some food. drink and rest. Somehow it seems that I’m the diplomatic one in the group? So I got to write the report to the General, not quite sure how that worked out?

When we got to the tavern the bar owner, Calyth, the one we saved from her crazy brother, served us herself. I thought that was a bit odd but then she passed on a message that someone was waiting to see us in the next room. At first description we thought ti might be Nualia but soon realised it wasn’t. Apparently there was no rush to see her, we could eat first and I was inclined to do just that, or at least have a good strong drink first but Eli wanted to see what it was about so we took our drinks and went to see who it was. Should have left the bitch waiting, first thing out of her mouth is to comment on us bein’ a scruffy bunch. Fine for her, sittin’ on her arse in a comfortable tavern while we were fightin’ our way through a haunted manor trying to put undead to rest.

Turns out she came with orders from the General, she’d put me back up though so I made her present her papers and prove what she claimed. She had news of Nualia and we were to go deal with her before she caused any more problems, apparently she had teamed up with a bunch of tribesman in the Thorn Waste, not a place I wanted to ever go back to. Freyja and I remembered that particular tribe from our time in the Waste, nasty pieces of work with a liking for necromatic magics. I tried asking a few questions of the elf about her involvement in all this and she got all evasive, started askin’ if we were questionin’ the Generals orders and havin’ a dig at Eli about it, seems to think she has the upper hand…… maybe it’s just an attitude thing, or maybe she’s up to somethin’.

Then the uppity bitch pretty much demands that we leave then and there ….. I told her straight out we weren’t goin’ anywhere until we had rested and healed and I had restored me spells. She wasn’t happy with that but she can get her knickers in a knot all she likes as far as I’m concerned. Oh, and she is coming with us on this mission, wonderful, we haven’t even left yet and she has annoyed everyone.

We left her to stew then and went off to do what we needed to do, Eli & Freyja went off to their rooms, Jarod got drunk, Bryn got drunk and got in a fight before passing out ……… I sat down to eat and write up the report for the General, made sure I mentioned our new companion and where we were headed to next, just in case things weren’t on the level. I was pleasantly surprised when Quinn came to collect the message herself ….. and stop for a drink and a chat, it’s not often someone seeks out my company and it’s nice when it happens.

The Thorn Wastes were as unpleasant as I remembered, hot desolate and way too much sand and rock. I prefer forests, or plains at least, it’s easier to hide, plus not as hot, or dry. When we stopped at an oasis the elf slipped out during the night to meet up with some of her people, so she said after Eli followed her and confronted her about it afterwards. She has no idea on how to work with people. We went further into the desert based on her information, Bryn has been drinkin’ quite a lot, normally she saves it for when we are in a town, not on the road, i wonder if some of the stuff from the manor house has affected her more than she’s lettin’ on?

We endured a sandstorm and a giant scorpion attack, it was goin’ after the elf so i wasn’t all that fussed about helpin’.

Finally we found the Scyrax encampment and planned an attack. It went off well enough, the elf can actually work with others when necessary it seems, not that it means I trust her now though …… her people showed up part way through the fight, didn’t lend a hand though, not that we needed it. Nualia wasn’t there and her people said she was further on, closer to the mountains where we had to stop her from getting to, on with the hunt then.

One of the elf’s people referred to her as Baroness which peaked our interest and she finally decided to reval something about herself, her real name, Via Silverwinter, a name we all knew. She was the Baroness of Aerenfeld that had tried to take over the kingdom a few years back. She caused a whole lot of trouble, murdered the king, controlled the queen somehow, started a war with the next in line to the throne when she failed to kill him and completely lost and had to flee the country, no wonder she’s such a grumpy bitch…. Also very obviously not one to trust, power hungry and ruthless and obviously sees us as expendable.

Entry14 Kaer Maga

WJ Entry13 The Thorn Wastes

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