WJ Entry14 Kaer Maga

We traveled further into the desert in pursuit of Nualia and the Scyrax, following the information Silverwinter’s people had bought. During one of their conversations when the scouts returned, Silverwinter asked if they had the “object” with them, not if Nualia was with them. We pressed her for information again and she reluctantly told us about a magical blade called “The Sword of Lust” and a group of ancient people called the Runelords. Apparently someone is trying to bring them back and they were invloved, in some way, with the Ogres and the attack on Fort Rannick. That would be the shadowry group pulling strings in the background that we got some hints of from the half ogre prisoner.

Apparently there were 7 swords which belonged to the Runelords and the Sword of Lust is one of them. It could maybe be used to bring them back or at very least enhance Nualias powers. At least that’s what Silverwinter says ……

We approached the city of Kaer Maga in the mountains. It’s massive walls actually house the city rather than simply surround it. A rabbit warren would be a kind description, more like a rats nest …. Meeting with more of Silverwinter’s people we found out where the Scyrax had gone to in the city and set about planning our next move.

After much discussion and consideration of possible sneaky ways of gaining entry we discounted them all and decided on the direct approach.

We just walked up to the door and attacked, forcing our way in, Silverwinter came with us while her people stood by. We killed a few guards and started searching the area. It turned out to be mostly deserted and simply the first level in the area. Looks like we will need to go further down to find our target.

Silverwinter has been joining in and helping out with a spell or two in combat so far but I don’t trust her helpfulness.

Eli was scouting ahead when he suddenly came racing back around the corner ahead with some sort of big lizard thing chasing him, nasty looking it was, great big claws and teeth and fast too. Jarod, Bryn and Freyja ran forward to help Eli while meself and Silverwinter stood back and threw spells at the critter. Then another on came around the corner. Soon the battle was too close in and I had to hold off with me fire burst as I didn’t want to hit my people with it. The lizards were vicious things and everyone, even Bryn, was well and truly bloodied. Then one of then grabbed on to Freyja and tore her up bad, dropping her to the floor, I ran forward, she was too heavy for me to lift, but luckily the hex for my hair makes it considerably stronger than me so I could drag her back to safety with me hair. As soon as she was clear I used me healin’ powers on her and she gasped and struggled upright and pulled a healin’ potion from her pack. Thought I had lost her for a scary moment there.

Meanwhile Silverwinter was gettin’ impatient so she drops a friggin’ fireball on the combat, luckily for Freyja I had pulled her away from where she fell, in the state she was in it may well have finished her off. Eli managed to dodge the blast but Bryn wasn’t so lucky and Jarod got caught right in it. One of the lizards grabbed him before he could recover and tore him up. Eli and Bryn were both lookin’ pretty bad and after knockin’ back a potion Freyja darted back in. The first critter went down and they turned on the second. I tried throwin’ a magical bolt in but was more concerned with not hittin’ anyone so didn’t manage to get the critter. Eli just about threw himself down the things throat to close in and finish it, the move worked but he got mauled in the process and I had to heal him once it was dead. I checked Jarod’s body for any sign of life but none of my healin’ was capable of bringin’ him back.

If Silverwinter hadn’t dropped the fireball on the group he would have survived, no wonder she lost the war, treatin’ her allies like that.

So, we’re one member down and we haven’t even seen a hint of Nualia yet, I’m beginnin’ to wonder if she’s even here at all or if Silverwinter has just led us on a wild goose chase for her own ends …….. like The Sword.

Entry15 Kaer Maga Part 2

WJ Entry14 Kaer Maga

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