WJ Entry15 Kaer Maga Part 2

We had to make our way through a room that was obviously a trap to get to the stairs goin’ down. The room was tiled in these big flagstone like tiles and there were spikes on the roof that didn’t look invitin’ at all. Eli started experimentin’ by tossing one of the lizard bodies in to the room. if it landed on a tile and nothin’ happened he jumped after it. He got a little way in before it triggered the trap, not what we expected exactly. Instead of the spike comin’ down a burst of magic made you fall towards the ceilin’ and the spike. It took a bit and it turned out that a goblin body wasn’t heavy enough to trigger the trap so that caught Eli out but he avoided gettin’ hurt too much. Meself and Silverwinter just flew through the room and we eventually got everyone across.

Down the stairs was another level to explore, one of the first things we found was this fellow experimentin’ on people, not sure exactly what he was tryin’ to do but he had a body strapped down on a table and all cut open, she had still been alive when he started. In the chamber next door was a contraption of some kind, part mechanical, part magical? Eli and i spent some time lookin’ at it and he eventually worked out that if you put a dead body into it and started it up it created a healing potion …… interestin’!

We found another room with a bunch of animals in cages, looks like they were there for the experiments. We also found a woman in there. She offered to help us out if we let her free, apparently has done some mercenary work for the Kyrien Army before, name is Ash. Says she was in a bar and got in a fight etc, etc, ended up in the cage, she’s got red hair too …….. oh well, for now she’s helpin’, even has a little magic, sorceress methinks. At the very least she may be good as a shield and if she survives, well, we’ll see after that …..

Found a room covered in plants that just looked un-natural, got a bad feelin’ about that one so we avoided that place. In the next room some sorta swarm attacked the new girl, knew it was good idea to send her in first. Then it formed itself into some sort of dog creature and Eli ran in to attack it while the new girl hid and fired arrows at it. Then Silverwinter dropped a fireball on it and Eli, again!

Once the fight was over and the creature fled Eli gave Silverwinter a look, the kind that smart people step back, she just returned his gaze in her usual nose in the air manner. I told her that she needed to stop dropping spells on the group, in case we started thinkin’ that she was tryin’ to kill us off. She was just givin’ me attitude so I suggested that she might want to learn from her past mistakes in choices of enemies. That wiped the smug look off her face. I think it’s time I have a quiet chat with Eli, Bryn and Freyja about how this is gonna go when we get to the end of the mission.

Next we found a big cavern covered mostly by a lake. In a side room there was some weird robed guy in a cage of falling swords, Eli investigated and the thing tried to influence him into stepping into the cage so we got the hell out of there and closed that room up. That left the lake, there was a small island out in the water with a broken bridge going out to it and a small boat near the closest shore. Across the lake we could see another beach and a tunnel leading onwards so that seemed like where we had to go.

Part way across the lake a sudden surge in the water almost upset the boat but we all hung on and the boat stayed afloat despite the Dragon that had surfaced beside us. Black scales, fangs, claws, the works. Luckily Bryn and Ash didn’t do anything rash, like attack it, and it started to talk to us, wanted to know who we were to start with. Eli and I answered for the group and then it wanted to know why we were there. Eli said we were looking for Nualia and did not mean to disturb it. The dragon asked if we were going to disturb “the demon” and Eli said yes, this seemed to please the dragon and bid us take care crossing the lake. It then took off across the water and climbed up onto the small island to perch there, I’m sure it was watching us all the way across.

Once on the other side we all quickly climbed back on to dry land and set off down the tunnel. We had to jump over a section where the river that fed the lake had cut through the rock and Bryn slipped and fell in, Eli helped her out though and we continued on a short way to find another set of stairs leading down.

At the bottom of the stairs we got stuck in a room with a trapped door. Trying to work out the combination of levers to pull we ended up dividin’ up the room with walls of flame and in each section a fire elemental arose and attacked. I was with Freyja thankfully and we were able to deal with the creature quickly enough.

Once all the creatures were killed the flames died and the doors unlocked. What are we gonna find next?

Entry16 Kaer Maga Part 3

WJ Entry15 Kaer Maga Part 2

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