WJ Entry20 The Clocktower

Havin’ been up pretty much all of the previous night we rested up and prepared before headin’ off to investigate this clocktower. It was bigger than I had imagined, althougfh a lot of stuff in Magnimar is like that. Like the massive ruined bridged that the clocktower stood in the shadow of. The clocktower was tall, real tall. We considered going up the outside for a surprise entrance but given the height, any slip would be fatal, except for me of course, on account of bein’ able to fly. So, we went in through the door at the base. Given our previous experiences I was expectin’ it to have some sort of cellar or cavern beneath it that we would have to explore ……… but no, just stairs going up, lots of em, up and up and up ………..

As we headed towards the stairs this big creature, looked like it had been put together out of spare parts – if people had spare parts that is, shambled towards us, some sort of golem maybe? it was big too. I hit it with a blast of fire which it didn’t seem to like but Eli and Freyja were havin’ trouble hurtin’ it with their attacks. Then Bryn stepped in and that adamantium sword of hers cleaved through it.

We searched the base of the tower but didn’t find anything or anyone else so we started up the stairs, it was going to be a long climb and the stairs weren’t exactly in good condition, just planks of wood stickin’ out the side of the tower wall, no railin’s either and the steps were old, like ruined building old, it kinda made everyone else a bit nervous and even I almost slipped once. Lookin’ up we could see bells hanging down near the top of the tower.

We were quite a way up, far enough to kill ya if you fell, when Bryn let out a warning yell. One of the bells had come loose and was dropping straight towards us. It hit pretty much right on where Freyja was standin’ and a whole section of stairs ahead of me smashed apart and dropped towards the floor of the tower, along with the bell and Freyja.

I leapt off the edge and flew straight after her, catchin’ her just before we got to the bottom. Luckily my hexes make my hair so strong, otherwise I never would’a been able to hold her up, it was an effort but I got her back up on to the stairs and used my healin’ on her. When she came to and realised what had happened I got smothered in the biggest hug I’ve ever had.

That just left us with a great big gap in the stairs which everyone had to jump over, except me, I flew. I don’t know how normal people manage without bein’ able to do that.

Reachin’ the top of the stairs we ran into three of the shape changin’ creatures, like what we had found at Alden’s house. One of ‘em had a big pair of shears, looks like it had cut the rope to the bell. We killed two of ’em and hexed the other to sleep, that one we held at the edge of the drop until it woke up, then we let it fall, seemed like fair enough payback after what they did, droppin’ the bell on Freyja like that.

Enterin’ the room beyond the landing we encountered the creature behind everything, some sort of snake woman, a Lamia if I remember correctly. She was coiled up on the ceiling, wearin’ a bronze mask and holding a nasty lookin’ spear. She cast a spell and summoned up a demon of some sort which landed in the doorway blockin’ Bryn’s entrance. Eli, Freyja and meself were already in the room and Eli took a run up and jump at the creature. He tried grabbing on, with the intent of bringin’ her down to the floor but her scales musta been slippery cause he slid straight off. Got her attention though cause she came after him, the eyes of the mask she was wearin’ flared with light briefly but whatever magic it was Eli shook off narrowly avoidin’ gettin’ skewered on the spear as he did it. Freyja joined in the fight and I blasted it with a bolt of lightening. Then I pretty much spent the rest of the time healin’ people. Bryn got past the demon, which had turned out to be only an illusion and the creature was soon dead.

We looted the place and then took the head of the creature as proof for the Justicar. He was well pleased with the outcome, even paid us for our trouble. With that done it was time for a bit of shopping, took advantage of Magnimar’s marketplace and bought a few scrolls, me powers of magic have been growin’ and there’s a few new tricks I want to try out.

WJ Entry20 The Clocktower

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