WJ Entry21 Return to Rannick

Headin’ down the road form Magnimar we discussed where we should head to next. Eli thought we should back to the capital, guess he wants to “see” the General again. Can’t say I blame him, I’d really like to see Quinn again, still duty calls and i had to remind everyone that with everything else that had happened we still hadn’t found those responsible for the deaths of the rangers at Fort Rannick. So that became our new destination. As a bonus it’s nice and close to Sandpoint, I’m sure I can find a reason to stop in there when we are done, like checkin’ in on the cleanin’ up of the old Foxglove Manor, got to be worth a stopover of a night or maybe two ….

We weren’t all that far from the fort when Bryn pulled up her horse, said she heard somethin’ off the track, none of the rest of us had heard anything but we decided to go take a look anyway. Heading in to the forest we soon enough came across a bear caught in a trap, poor thing had one of it’s legs caught and couldn’t get free. I said I would have a chat with it and see what I could do for the creature. That got them givin’ me those looks all over again and carryin’ on about me collectin’ critters. Good grief, just because I have Ta’en and Shadowmist ………………. and Bailey ……………

I used one of me hexes to talk to the bear, before approachin’ it, to calm it down a bit, wanted it to know that we wouldn’t hurt it as long as it didn’t attack us. It was startled at first but then it started talkin’ back, seems it was the companion of one of the rangers from the fort and was being hunted by the ogres and their hounds. It was also pretty sure that it could lead us back to the ogres camp and was eager for us to help it’s master.

We had just got the bear free and patched up it’s leg when we heard the baying of hounds. The bear was all set to run, but I convinced it to hide a little way off while we waited for the hunters. Three hounds burst into the clearing just as we got ready for them, I flew up to take a look for what else was comin’ while the others dealt with the hounds and i could hear an ogre yellin’ at the hounds from not too far off. The hounds were no problem and I thought ahead enough to tell the other not to kill the ogre, we wanted information after all.

Soon enough the ogre burst in to sight, expectin’ to find the bear cornered no doubt and was a bit confused at our unexpected appearance. I put it to sleep with a hex and then cast my new charm spell uopn it. The others dragged the dogs away and then stayed out of sight while I waited for me new friend to wake up. He was well confused when he did and I managed to get some info about the ogres, their camp and the fort before sending him off on a wild goose chase for his dogs and the bear. He gave me a warnin’ to stay away from the fort cause he didn’t want anything bad happenin’ to his little friend, it didn’t sound good for the fort, seems some new leader has taken control of the mountain tribes and is behind the attacks on the fort, well, we need to deal with the closer threat first, the ogre clan ran by this Mammy we had heard of before. I asked him if it would be safe for me to go to Sandpoint, he thought about it a bit and thankfully said that place would be safe for me, thanks the gods for that, poor Quinn has had enough troubles recently without ogres attackin’ the town.

With him gone we decided we had best head for the fort, the bear wanted to go straight after his master and didn’t want to detour towards the fort so I convinced to to scout ahead for us, we’ll see how that works out. We were too late to warn the occupants of the fort though …… more bodies ……….. this time the gates were closed and intact, perhaps whoever did this has taken over the fort?

We were about to investigate further when we heard someone approachin’. Luckily for us – or them maybe – it turned out to be Shale, the Elf ranger from Sandpoint.

Entry21 Return to Rannick

WJ Entry21 Return to Rannick

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