The ancient line of Kyrien was inept, corrupt and seemed to almost be at an end. The last of the Kyrien Kings, Mato Trelion, sat on his throne, his heirs assassinated years before. He had married a young daughter of a neighboring kingdom but either he was incapable or disinterested. Two years since their wedding day, Queen Freida was still without child.

General Naveth, the Commander of the Armies of Kyrien could sense that trouble brewed on the borderlands. Attacks were increasing but her army is still mighty. The Kingdom of Var Halat to the north smelled their weakness. Naveth answers to the King but chafes under his rule.

You are a specialist unit, newly formed and sent throughout Kyrien, answerable only to General Naveth and the King Himself.

Naveth has called you forth to her office.

Rise of Kyrien

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