Half Orc. Cheerful and brutal.


Half-human rather than half-orc, Freyja resembles her mother more, with only a handful of distinctive features that make her obviously of the orcish race – sharp talons, a strong jaw with canine fangs that indent her upper lip. Her height she got from her father, all six foot, as well as her muscular frame. Her skin is tanned and scarified in tribal lines – with none of the greenish hue that typifies her father’s kind.



Freyja’s mother was a soldier in the Kyrien military, as was her father. Fraternising was frowned upon in those days, especially between races, to the extent that those caught out were put to death. Her father, Orgrush, was beheaded. Her mother escaped retribution for a time. Freyja was born and left at a monastery. Soldiers caught Wina and she was executed without having revealed the location of her daughter.

Freyja grew up in the confines of the monastery until she was 14, wherein she journeyed to Kyrien Castle to fulfill her service to the Kingdom. Five years later, her service more than satisfactory, Freyja was selected for elite training.


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