General Erin Naveth

Blonde. Cold. Decisive and harsh.




Erin Naveth is a daughter of Kyrien, brought up by soldier parents. She rose through the ranks of the Kyrien military until she was pronounced Commander by Queen Silvia shortly before her death.

She is answerable only to the King of Kyrien and chafes under his rule. Many of the outer regions are lawless as he prevents Naveth from increasing the size of the Army and deploying them to the outer regions. As a result, trade is drying up as countries are preferring to trade with the now functional Aerenfeld under the rule of its King Balian and Queen Audrey.

Unwed, Erin has devoted her life to the service of Kyrien. She has few friends and is rarely seen without an accompaniment of guards.

General Erin Naveth

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