09 Thistletop pt 3

We scope out the other rooms but find nothing. We go back around the rooms we missed and find a really disgusting room where we were attacked. A lance came by my head as I opened the door. I got mad and my monk and I beat the hell out of the bug bear. For some reason my monk started to collect spines.

We go to the next room and find the fire woman. She burns me so I smack her really hard and she runs away.

We follow her down some stairs and come into a room with male statues which seem to be leaning over. We walk through a corridor near some statues and just as I walk past, a big portcullis comes down almost on my head. The rogue manages to find the trigger and release the trap. They try to jump over and the rogue missed the jump and got smashed by glaives that the statues hold, then the floor opens, he falls in and the floor closes. We couldn’t hear him so we assumed he was dead and moved on.

We go on to a red room that has burning skulls and dead animals, a font with blue, bubbling water. There stands the woman that we all were dreaming about. I send my monk forward and he managed to convince the woman to back down and come with us.

We wait a few days while my monk goes to Sandpoint and sends messages and gets our gear. I missed out on a good drink or two. The war horse follows the witch and won’t leave. She seems to be getting a collection of critters.

We get orders to bring the woman back to the capital so we head off in that direction. Apparently the woman can fight, or so she said. Might have to test that.

We get to Millpoint and we wait for the general. We convince the general to take her in for training instead of killing her. The general gives us the rest of the week off – PARTY!

We meet our new recruit. He says he can fight – we’ll see about that.

09 Thistletop pt 3

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