Kyrien Army


Head of the Military – General Erin Naveth


The Elite ForcesThe Shadowguard of Kyrien
After a minimum of four years (but usually five years) in the Kyrien Army, a group of soldiers are selected for further training after proving their loyalty, hardiness and incorruptibility to the head of the military.

Coming from all walks of life, with varying attitudes, the elite forces have one thing in common –preserving the safety of Kyrien above all else.

Elite units take orders directly from General Naveth and while they should show due deference to senior officers, they are not required to follow orders if it directly countermands the orders from the General.

Unprecedented amongst the general rank and file, elite units are entrusted with more autonomy, purely because these units have been trained to deal with situations without needing direct orders.

When a situation arises outside of the orders of the General, that specifically threatens the safety of Kyrien and the people within, the elite unit are obligated to deal with the situation – again, as long as it does not countermand any existing orders.

For example – the attack on Fort Rannick is directly related to the orders from General Naveth to investigate the situation. The threatened attack on Sandpoint does not appear related, but IS a threat to the safety of Kyrien. As you are one of the few representatives of the Kyrien Army in the area, there is a certain obligation to protect the citizens.

How does this work for your character?
Our characters have some form of neutrality or evil as our alignments. My one rule for this campaign was no ‘chaotic evil’ which is, I guess, a kind of sociopathy wherein you don’t care about the rules and will do whatever the hell you want because you are the biggest, strongest badass in the room. Someone who is chaotic evil would never have made it to elite training.
Why would General Naveth trust someone whose attitude to life is ‘who cares? I’m not getting paid and this doesn’t affect me’?
She wouldn’t.
Sure, citizens of the kingdom are going to die. People die in combat and if you were the one who caused it accidentally, you probably aren’t going to feel particularly bad. But you wouldn’t be going on a murdering spree of innocent citizens because it is fun. The job comes first. Your job is to protect the majority of those citizens.

But – I guess, you can act any way you please. It is, after all, your character. But remember: In character actions will have in character consequences, especially when your boss has informants everywhere, spent a lot of gold training you and has a lawful evil streak a mile wide.

Kyrien Army

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