WJ Companions

Ta’en – (Brother Fox) – my constant companion since I was cast out from my village. He’s my family now.

Freyja – she’s a monk, big and kinda intimidatin’, but quite friendly when you get to know her. Before joining the army and meeting Freyja I never expected call someone a friend. She’s a half orc and knows what it is like to be different from everybody else and she doesn’t care that I’m….. what I am, who I am. We look out for each other.

Pie – short for Pie ‘o’ Pah …. or something like that anyway. He’s a half elf, good at being sneaky, missing a finger for thievery – it’s how he ended up in the army to start with. We get along ok but he’s a little leery of me…… although he’s happy enough for me to lay me hands on him when he’s in need of healin’…..

Eli – Muscles, lots of em. Temple trained like Freyja, sorta… Seems pretty smart though and while he doesn’t avoid me he seems a little wary of me. He doesn’t seem to mind copping an eyeful of me cleavage though.

Heehee, out of the corner of my eye I saw Eli take a step back from me while I was showin’ me power ‘n’ scarin’ the prisoner ….. maybe he’ll think twice before checkin’ out me boobs now …….. sigh.

Eli dropped eight of the bartenders teeth on the table, said he bought them for me………

Bryn – Red haired, tall, strong. Seems inclined to break things, easily distracted by a good fight. More focused on killing things than the mission.

WJ Companions

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