WJ Entry01 Return to Kyrien

Well, meself, Freyja and Pie have passed our Elite training for the army. That was an ……….. experience!

I’m knowin’ we’ve passed because we’re not dead!

Freyja – she’s a monk, big and kinda intimidatin’, but quite friendly when you get to know her. Before joining the army and meeting Freyja I never expected call someone a friend. She’s a half orc and knows what it is like to be different from everybody else and she doesn’t care that I’m….. what I am, who I am. We look out for each other.

Pie – short for Pie ‘o’ Pah …. or something like that anyway. He’s a half elf, good at being sneaky, missing a finger for thievery – it’s how he ended up in the army to start with. We get along ok but he’s a little leery of me…… although he’s happy enough for me to lay me hands on him when he’s in need of healin’…..

Returned from the Thorn Wastes and straight to the General’s office to be briefed for our first mission as agents of the crown. Sounds impressive doesn’t it. Not that we’ve actually even met the king …. or are we likely to. Still, the General’s quite impressive in her own right.

At any rate there’s some high priestess on her way to visit the kingdom who, in her quest to bring love and frilly lacy-ness and suchforth to all, will likely to cause even more problems than the Kingdom’s already got so we’re to deal with the situation. How we go about it is up to us.

The night of our first stop over in an Inn we were disturbed by someone breaking in to our room. Poor lad (Bailey by name), he really chose the wrong room. I decided we should keep him, I’ve never had a servant before, I think I could get used to it.

Traveling down river on a barge. Attacked at night by bandits……..pirates? I wonder, are you a pirate simply because you’re on a boat ……. or do you have to be on a ship and on the ocean …………. are there river pirates ……. and if there are would they be looked down upon by ‘real’ pirates, the ones from the ocean?

The Captain of our barge was injured in the attack and I offered to heal him but he didn’t seem pleased that I charged him for the service ………….. he wasn’t shy about demanding money from us for passage on his crappy barge……

Encountered the priestesses carriage. We had orders of “no witnesses” so we had to dispose of a farmer who was on the road nearby, still Bailey now has his own horse. There were four guards/riders with the carriage but for all save one of them their horses took a sudden dislike to ‘em thanks to my hexes. With that ruckus goin’ down we were able to take care of them with Pie leaping from his horse on to the carriage to go after the priestess herself. She eluded him though by using a mist spell and jumping from the carriage whilst meself and Freyja were dealing with the guards and driver. Then all of a sudden two riders come suddenly galloping into the fray. One of them leapt from his horse and tackled a fleeing guard and the other chased the priestess across the field and grabbed her.

Things were a little tense with these newcomers until they produced their own orders from the General.

The priestess tried to beg for mercy or something but Pie cut her off.

The two newcomers, Eli and Bryn, were under orders to join with us and bought new orders from the General.

Eli – Muscles, lots of em. Temple trained like Freyja, sorta… Seems pretty smart though and while he doesn’t avoid me he seems a little wary of me. He doesn’t seem to mind copping an eyeful of me cleavage though.

Bryn – Red haired, tall, strong. Seems inclined to break things, easily distracted by a good fight. More focused on killing things than the mission.

New orders – Lost contact with Fort Rannik, head there and find out why.

Spent a night in Lirien Crossing. The Inn was nice and no one seemed to be bothered by me bein’ a witch an all for change and one fellow flirted with me even. We danced and retired to my room later on. I kicked him out before he got any silly ideas about domesticatin’ me. I can’t seem to remember his name …….. he did have an odd tattoo though.

Entry02 The Fort

WJ Entry01 Return to Kyrien

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