WJ Entry02 The Fort

Headed on to the fort from Lirien Crossing. It was mid afternoon when we got there. From a distance we could see things weren’t right. The bodies hangin’ from the trees along the road gave that away.

Pie, Freyja and Eli crept forward to scout while meself and Bryn, not being so good at the sneakin’, held back. They returned to tell us that it was the rangers from the fort hangin’ in the trees, some of them anyway. There was no sign of anyone alive so we approached the gates of the fort, ridin’ past the bodies as we went, twasn’t a pretty sight, they’d bin strung up for a while……..

As we approached I called up me Sight and saw the signs of magic upon the broken gates and some of the bodies, more than just bandits or raiders then…………

We entered the courtyard and were lookin’ around when Ta’ens hackles went up, he’d sensed something in one of the buildings. Investigatin’ we found a large, brutish lookin’ fellow lootin’ the armoury. Bryn, Freyja and Eli, with a bit of help from Pie subdued him – there wasn’t near enough room for me in there and I don’t fancy being too close to something that big anyways so I stayed back and kept watch for any other as might appear – we locked him up in one of the jail cells and waited for him to come to so we could ask him some questions.

Ta’en – (Brother Fox) – my constant companion since I was cast out from my village. He’s my family now.

The big fella was a half ogre – I don’t even want to think about how that came about, eewww – luckily for us I happen to speak their tongue so it made the questionin’ easier once he came to. Pie and Freyja stood guard whilst meself, Bryn and Eli questioned the prisoner. Bryn just seemed interested in hitin’ him, I don’t think she cared much whether we got answers or not which wasn’t all that helpful.

For a big dumb brute he seemed to be be awful sneaky about his answers, answerin’ without answerin’ an all. I got tired of that right quick and gave him a glimpse of my witchyness and told him he better give me some straight answers right quick or he was gonna regret it.

Eli – Heehee, out of the corner of my eye I saw Eli take a step back from me while I was showin’ me power ‘n’ scarin’ the prisoner ….. maybe he’ll think twice before checkin’ out me boobs now …….. sigh.

That produced some results, seems there’s a clan of half ogres with a few full ogres with them that attacked the fort plus some other mysterious force behind it all, orchestratin’ things it seems, something serious is goin’ on here, but what?

The clan have the tattoo that I saw on my “friend for a night” back at the Crossing and a few of the rangers had the same tattoo and Eli remembers the barman from the Inn we stayed at as having the same tattoo…………?????

It seems that a few of the rangers may be still alive as captives, we need to get after them and see if we can free them before they end up as trail rations.

We decided to send Eli back to Lirien crossing to send a report to the General about what has happened here while we investigate further.

Cleared the bodies out and secured a place to rest safely for the night. The kitchens had a few untouched supplies so I was able to cook us a decent meal.

We were disturbed by a rider approaching during the night, he had come looking for the rangers, seeking aid for the town of Sandpoint and was a little distressed when we told him the rangers were all dead, mostly. There was some strange Goblin activity happenin’ near Sandpoint and as the tracks we had to follow led in that direction and there was more to what happened at the fort than a simple raid ……….. coincidence maybe, maybe not.

Entry03 To Sandpoint

WJ Entry02 The Fort

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