WJ Entry08 Thistletop

After crossing a rope bridge that made everyone except me a bit nervous about its durability we made our way towards the goblin camp on Thistletop. Inside the compound was a group of goblins playin’ kill-gull with a captured seagull. Eli got their attention by pinning the bird to the wall with one of his daggers. They were all set to go us when he showed his tattoo and the book and weapon we had taken from the ruins under the glassworks. That stopped them long enough for him to explain that we had come to join them and that we wanted to speak to their leader. One ran off to carry the message and we stood around for a good while waitin’ to see if our plan would work.

It didn’t. A goblin, maybe the same one, came back and gave the order for them to attack. The stupid thing must have forgotten that we could speak their tongue so we weren’t taken by surprise. There weren’t that many of them nearby so we overcame them with no problem and did a quick scout around before choosing a door and making our way into their base.

We had no idea where we were going but we figure that neither did they and if we kept moving we shouldn’t have to deal with too many at a time. We killed a few more guards as we made our way through the warren of rooms. We found a central courtyard and an enclosure within that which held a very pissed off warhorse and a dead goblin. We freed the horse from the enclosure, figuring it would at least give any pursuing goblins a pause if they came into the courtyard after us. The poor thing hadn’t been fed in some time and when we found a storage room I dragged a bag of feed out into the courtyard for it.

Across the courtyard and through a couple more rooms we found stairs going down. The guards at the gate had spoken of “her” being in “the deep” or somethin’ along those lines anyways so we figure that was where we needed to go. We went down a ways before it opened out on to another level. Time for more explorin’.

Found a cavern that contained a great big critter with lots of arms or tentacles or somethin’. Decided that maybe we might leave that be for a bit and see what else was about. Caught a good lookin’ fellow just gettin’ into his armour and Eli and Bryn jumped into action. Think he was one of her lieutenants we had heard about cause he put up quite a fight, managed to hurt Eli a bit an all. It was a little cramped in the room so I held back and stayed out of the way, keepin’ an eye out in case anyone else came along. Plus, I want to save me good spells for when we find Her …… I’ve a feelin’ we gonna be needin’ everything we’ve got.

Entry09 In The Deep

WJ Entry08 Thistletop

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