WJ Entry12 Beneath the Manor

We took the stairs up to the next level of the manor house and started working our way through the rooms. Each time we opened a door we all tensed up, waitin’ for somethin’ unseen to try and take one of us over. The first few rooms were empty and nothing happened, then we entered a room made for lookin’ at the stars and Freyja sagged against a table all of a sudden, she’d had to fight of another possession, one that would have had her throw herself out the window, would’ve led to a slide down the roof tiles and then a drop over the edge of the cliff, nasty. Not that I would have let her die like that, me magic would have helped me save her.

At the end of a hallway Bryn & I heard what sounded like someone crying out. We reluctantly went to investigate and found a locked door. Freyja was able to pick the lock and Bryn opened the door to find a woman locked inside, well, what used to be a woman, some sort of undead now. Eli recognised her from one of his visions. She didn’t even seem to notice us, she called out to Alden, saying she could smell his fear and made for the door. We got out of the way and she passed straight through us and headed back the way we had come. We followed, thinkin’ she might lead us to what we were lookin’ for.

Down the stairs to the next level and then down again to the ground floor and then down the stairs again to a basement. She was moving pretty fast and by the time we had reached the basement she was gone from sight. A little poking around got us attacked by a swarm of rats which was unpleasant …..

We made our way through room by room until we found a study? The door had been smashed open recently so we figured this was the way she had come. Another vision tried to overcome me there but I shook it off, or at least I thought I did but then I suddenly decided to open up a book on the desk and I had a series of visions about the goings on in this place.

I saw the mage going through his preparations to turn himself in to a lich, drinking the potions and doubling over in pain, which I felt, gods but it hurt …… then the woman, his wife, deciding that he needed to be stopped and setting off to do just that ….. then the visions ended ……

Jarod was about to smash a stained glass window because he had seen something moving within it, not through it, in it. I stopped him, had a really bad feelin’ about things………

We took on the only other exit out of the room and it led us to a chamber where the floor, previously sealed over had been broken through revealing more stairs leading further down. Bryn had a vision of Alden smashing through the floor and then bein’ grabbed by a horde of ghouls and dragged into the depths ……

Despite our misgivings we had our duty to perform so we ventured down the stairs. They led to a bunch of tunnels/caves. We headed down the first one, as we moved along we could hear the sound of water through the rocks, seemed like we were at or below the river level.

We came to a larger cavern with a stinkin’ pile of bones and bodies, that’s when some sort of giant ghoul/bat thing attacked. It savaged Bryn and then went for Jarod, I was throwin’ fire at it whenever I had a chance and Freyja had smashed it a couple of times when it turned back on Bryn. Then Freyja bashed it real hard and the fight was over. Found a few interestin’ items in the cavern, will need to check em out properly when we get back to town.

We had to backtrack and try a different tunnel, came a cross a small group of ghouls which we caught by surprise. They were dead before they knew what hit em. Found some more in another cavern and did the same thing with them before moving in to a big cavern that looked like a spiral sloping down to a big dark pool of water churning around. In the far wall of the cavern was a door. Tryin’ to make our way across the slippery rocks ended up with everyone loosing their balance or grip and sliding all the way down the spiral and takin’ a swim in the water below. Except me of course, I love flyin’. I don’t know why people wouldn’t be wantin’ to be a witch, it’s so much fun sometimes.

Freyja musta got all turned around in the swirlin’ water cause she didn’t come up. I couldn’t reach her but I pointed out where she was and Bryn dived back in and helped her out. The i flew up and attached a rope to the door handle so they all had something to hang on to while they climbed up.

Entering the room beyond the door we found a mass of the mold that had been all throughout the house above covering one of the walls. There seemed to be a vaguely human like shape within the mold and on the floor beneath it was small broken box like the one I had seen in my vision of the mage trying to make himself into a lich, the one that his spirit? essence? had gone into. Also in the room was the now completely dead woman we had released upstairs. The room smelled of blood and rot and blood and flesh were everywhere. There was a dinner setting with rotting meat and what looked like a wine glass full of blood.

Then this creature dressed in Alden’s clothes leapt out to attack carryin’ this big wicked lookin’ blade. Bryn and Jarod both took him on, getting wounded in the process. Suddenly the face of the creature changed into Alden, a dead lookin’ Alden, but him nonetheless. He dropped to the floor grovelin and cryin’ for us to save him. We tried to get out of him what had happened but he blubbered on about this and that, mentioned The Skinsaw Man? talked about a guild in Magnimar paying him for samples of poison from the diseased rats, begged us to save him over and over again. Maybe we should’ve just let the goblins kill him all those weeks ago. Then the face changed again and Alden was gone. This was a different face again and it wasn’t happy. It grabbed the blade and leapt up to attack and the battle was on again. It musta had some sorta poison cause when it hit Jarod his muscles locked up and he couldn’t move. Then Bryn got hit and suddenly she was frozen up too. Things were lookin’ bad but then Jarod overcame the poison and was able to move again. I tried out one of me newer spells and used a phantom hand to deliver a touch spell from the wand we found under the glassworks, gave it quite a blast and along with the others all hammerin’ at it the thing went down.

We burnt the body and what we could of the room but it was mostly too wet to do much good so we made our tired way back out of the caverns and up all those stairs eventually making our way out of the manor, almost. We had flung open the doors to stumble out of the house when I saw them and put my arms out to stop everyone. On the ruins outside sat a flock of ratty, diseased looking crows. They turned to face us as we swung the doors open. There was a pause and then they flew shrieking into the air and came for us. They were beaks and claws and blades and feathers and fire everywhere for a short while and then all was quiet again.

Time to head back to town. We need to report to the General. We’ve dealt with the immediate threat but this place needs cleansin’ and it’s beyond our ability to do it. Bad things happened here and they have left a mark on the place and it’ll take more than just burnin’ it down to the ground to fix.

Entry13 The Thorn Wastes

WJ Entry12 Beneath the Manor

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