WJ Entry18 The Road to Magnimar

On the way to Magnimar we stopped overnight at Innes Keen. That was where the previous Captain of Sandpoint had to gone to, seeking aid during the Goblin attacks, and never returned from. While we were there we looked in to it and he had made to the town, taken lodgings and then disappeared. We went through his gear which had been turned over to the guard when he didn’t return for it but found nothing of use. Further investigation revealed that he was something of a gambler and had lost badly that night, he was last seen heading of with the couple of men he had been gambling with …… men that had come from Magnimar …….

The next day we carried on, seeing as everything was pointing towards Magnimar and this mysterious Brothers of the Seven. Magnimar was big, really big, this was going to be interesting. We found an inn for Brynn to stay at and left her and Ash behind. Ash had caught up with us just before we reached Magnimar, not quite sure why she is tagging along. There was no way Bryn was going in to the Foxglove house, she really needs to just get over that.

We found the Foxglove house and let ourselves in, the place was a mess, dirt tracked everywhere, looked like someone had gone right through the place even though it was locked up. The first room we went into was a sitting room and Alden and his wife were there?? good thing Bryn hadn’t come along I guess. It turned out they were some sort of shapeshifting creature, I’d read about them in the libraries in Kyrien, they attacked us so we killed them. The question is, why were they there, someone keepin’ up appearances?? but who, the Brotherhood?

We searched the rest of the house and found no one else, the whole place had been turned over but whoever it was hadn’t found what they were looking for, because we found it, a hidden compartment in the fire place opened from a hidden keyhole which we had the key for. A nice stash of gold and more interestingly a heap of paperwork (like the deeds to the house here and in Sandpoint) and journals. Apparently the Brotherhood were in some sort of partnership with Alden’s family. Also, according to the journal, he had been making regular payment drops at a sawmill, up until he got turned into a Ghast at any rate.

Next stop, collect Bryn and Ash and go check out this sawmill. Some time later we had discovered that the sawmill runs around the clock and is owned by a Justicar of the city, some Elf by the name of Ironbriar. So if he is a member of the Brotherhood and a Justicar this could get really messy. We also heard talk of a number of murders in the past weeks, murders in which the victims had a seven pointed star carved in to their bodies …….. it seems someone is trying to power up a Runewell here in Magnimar.

Time to pull back and think this through a little more.

Entry19 Brotherhood of the Seven

WJ Entry18 The Road to Magnimar

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