WJ Entry19 Brotherhood of the Seven

We decide to make contact with the Grey Ghosts that Calyth had told us about, hopin’ to get a bit more of a handle on the situation. We went to the Inn she had told us about, bought some drinks and handed over the token she had given us to the barkeep. He was suspicious at first but after we answered a few questions (and mentioned that we had saved Calyth’s life) he sent us to a table and told us to wait. Some time later a woman in the costume of a dancer arrived and asked us to come with her to a back room. We spent some time asking questions and even exchanging some information and discovered a number of things about the brotherhood and the Justicar we had observed. It seems that the guard, under the orders of the Justicar, were being very diligent about cleanin’ up after the murders and not letting people see anything much of them, the bodies were also being disposed of rather quickly. So it seemed like they were covering things up but the murders were not how the Brotherhood normally worked. For one thing, if they wanted someone out of the picture that person would just disappear, no body, nothin’. Next, none of the victims were people that the Brotherhood would target …….. The rat cages that had been sent to Sandpoint also didn’t seem to fit with the Brotherhoods methods either……

So, our questions had just given us more questions ……………. we decided to go to the source for answers and set out to kidnap the Justicar. That night we set up outside the sawmill, all of us in one sort of disguise or another. Eli used the magic of the stalkers mask he had taken from Alden to disguise himself as one of the sawmill workers and walked in to scout out and locate the Justicar while the rest of us waited.

Inside the sawmill Eli overheard a couple of guards discussing the Justicar’s recent behaviour, it seems he had been acting odd and paying a number of visits to some place called the Clocktower. On the upper floors he saw the Justicar, along with a group of cultists of some sort, sacrifice a man in some sort of ritual. He had to hide then to avoid the cultist as they left and as he came out of his hiding place he ran afoul of the guards he had seen earlier. Bryn, who had been gradually drifting closer to the sawmill, overheard and ran inside to his aid. The rest of us followed although the guards were dead before we all got there. The sawmill was pretty much empty by now so we headed back up to the top floor to find the Justicar and came across him as he was removing the robes he had worn for the ritual. Eli was on him before he could react and pinned him down giving us the opportunity to start askin’ questions.

Ash wandered off, searchin’ the place and Freyja and Bryn stood guard while Eli and I did the questionin’. The Justicar was acting really odd with his answers, denying stuff that was obviously true and bein’ real strange, after a bit I came to realise that he was under some sort of magical compulsion and was fightin’ to overcome it. He managed to fight it off long enough to ask us to knock him out and I told Eli to do it. With him out we tied him up and thoroughly searched the place, seemed they had been disposin’ of the bodies through the gears of the sawmill and into the river below.

We took the Justicars coach and with Bryn drivin’ and Eli disguised as the Justicar headed for the Foxglove house, much to Bryn’s disgust, we told her she could stay with the coach in the garden at the back of the house and she agreed, barely. We then spent the rest of the night watchin’ over the Justicar, every time he started to wake up I would use my magic sight to see if he was still enspelled and if he was Eli would knock him back out. It was a long night.

He was finally free of the spell and woke to the sight of himself sittin’ in a chair across from him, after the initial shock he quickly realised that we had a stalkers mask and then we got down to business. Without the spell compellin’ him he was much more helpful and sharper, more like I’d expected him to be considerin’ what he was. He was a bit disturbed by the fact that he had been ritually murderin’ people. After much discussion we came to the conclusion that the Brotherhood wasn’t actually involved in what was goin’ on but were bein’ used to throw any investigation off the scent. Who or whatever was behind it was most likely gonna be found at the clocktower that the Justicar had been visitin’ a lot.

Pretty sure that the Justicar had worked out that we were Shadowguard, he could certainly find out easy enough with a little investigatin’ with the information he picked up from us in our discussion. Not sure if he was impressed that we were set to take on the Brotherhood if necessary or if he just thought we were crazy or just plain stupid. At any rate, given that the Brotherhood wasn’t involved and that the Justicar was no longer enspelled, that meant that we could come to an agreement and let him go, no hard feelin’s an all …… he said we knew where to find him and should let him know what we found at the clocktower ………..

Entry20 The Clocktower

WJ Entry19 Brotherhood of the Seven

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