02 Onwards to Fort Rennick

So, the Monk and I survived. The rest of the unit were weak it seems or else they would have survived too.

Seems the Monk and I are stuck with each other for a little while. Not that I mind. He’s easy on the eyes and can deal out shit when it needs to be dealt. That and he’s a survivor like me.

General’s orders are to find out what has stopped communication from Fort Rennick. He sends the Monk and I out to meet up with another group out that way. I can only hope these ones last longer than the last crew.

So we ride out in search of this group. Only thing we really know is there are 3 of them: white haired witch (which apparently we can’t miss), a female half-orc and another monk.

Didn’t take us long to find them. They were chasing an entourage of a priestess or something like that. Horses and priestesses flying everywhere. Leaned over to grab a fleeing horse to have a pack horse or even a spare horse but I missed. But I did manage to see the main priestess flee so I took off after her while my monk ran into the fray. Didn’t worry too much about him as he’s shown to be able to take care of himself before.

Just like out of a bard’s song, I race through the trees and catch up with the priestess and jump off the horse and tackle her to the ground until I find out what the deal is with her. Before I can utter much, this rogue shows up and asks what I’m doing with her. I say just holding her for now and he slits her throat. Fair enough, problem solved. Then this rogue gets a little concerned about who we were, etc. I would too. My monk caught up to me by this point and hands him a slightly wet missive we got from the general – don’t ask why it was wet.

So on this little group goes to Lirien Crossing. Watched my monk chat up the barkeep while the witch took some poor pirate hostage in her room. The bar was too quiet for my liking so grudgingly decided to head for some sleep after the long day of riding.

Next morning we were off to Fort Rennick – or what was left of it. It had been beaten to hell and back again with most of the soldiers hung from nearby trees. The gates had been bashed in by nothing I had ever seen. The witch says it was magic. Counting numbers we worked out that a few of the soldiers were missing, maybe taken captive?

Checking the place out, we find one lonesome half ogre raiding the armoury. With a little assistance from the rest of the group knocked the ogre out and tied it up in the cells. Sat in while the witch interrogated the ogre – remind me never to annoy her cause she can get scary as shit when she gets angry. Managed to find out that the ogres plus others? (who are the others??) attacked the fort possibly under orders from someone. Some other crap about a 7 point star but that sounds like too much magic crap again for me. I’ll let the witch deal with that issue.

We had to report back to the general about what had happened and frankly my monk was the only one I would trust at this point with that task so I was glad when the group got him to go. I can take care of myself if need be.

Now for some ogre hunting?

02 Onwards to Fort Rennick

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