03 Sandpoint

So we take turns out on watch.

Middle of the night, I get this rather rude awakening saying there is a rider approaching so I gear up and head out. Turns out it was just an elf from a town called Sandpoint. He was sent to the fort to get the rangers. Elf was so stressed out that he didn’t even notice all the dead bodies outside the fort (we cleaned up the ones inside) or the fact that the fort had the shit kicked out of it. Private elf won’t make any more ranks if he keeps up being so perceptive. But he tells us that there are a ton of goblins around this town and his sergeant was worried about an attack during this winter festival they were about to have.

Left my monk a message about heading to the next town and to meet us there.

Well, lucky for this elf, seemed the ogre tracks lead in the same direction as this town so off we went. Shit ass day, pouring down rain so we lost the tracks before too long. Decided to head toward this town as it was in the same direction as the tracks anyways so we might pick the ogres back up later on.

Town seemed like nothing was going down, just a bunch of people looking forward to a festival. Checked in with the sheriff who seemed really confused about why we were there and why the elf ran off to get rangers at the fort. Seems the report he got was only that there were a select few goblins, not a whole big group. Well, who the hell do we believe? Private elf tells us that he was sent out by the sergeant so we head off to find this other efl, Ameko. Too many elves in one place for my liking but anyways…

She was off on patrol so we find some place to bunk up and wait for her. Only a drink or two in and this elf shows up. Not a bad looker, if you’re into that sort of thing. Not really my deal. She says that she did order private elf off and that her corporal should have reported to the captain.

So, much to my dismay as there was much drinking to do yet, we run back to the captain on the arrow strings on this elf. Seems the report the captain got was not the report he should have gotten and this corporal (Suto) is missing since earlier that morning. Coincidence? I think not.

Now we run off to tell the mayor about some possible attack the next day at the festival. She’s pretty upset and has few guards in and all the locals are unarmed for the festival. Everyone in one place? Sounds like perfect time for an attack to me!

Nothing left for us to do but to get some sleep for the big day tomorrow. Hells yes, another battle!

03 Sandpoint

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