04 Festival

Next morning I go out with the rogue and the witch checking the walls. Found a ton of goblin tracks. Not sure what this rogue’s deal is – he tries to be sneaky in the forest and track stuff but had to get my help to find the tracks.

My monk is back in time for the fun. Tell him what we’ve been up to so far. I’m glad I have him at my back again.

Wall seems secure, gates are closed when we go through and guards are posted, so all seems good.

I keep an eye on the bar as the festival starts in case the lumberjacks start getting uppity and need a good reminder how to behave. Just as the festival is about to begin, there’s a big bang and goblins start hacking the crap out of everything.

I fly into a rage and start hacking down anything vaguely resembling goblin. Too many guards dying. Goblins set some wagon on fire and it ran into the store of fireworks which set that off as if it were some goblin festival we were celebrating. Too many goblins around, some singing some crazy ass song.

Head towards the bar and find some fancy dressed guy about to get gutted by a ton of goblins so we hack the crap out of them all, including something that may have once been a dog. Then all of a sudden there was this whistle and the goblins ran off. Maybe they saw how badly our group were kicking their ass and decided to back off. Whatever the case, this fancy boy offers us $ if we find him at the Dragon later – will have to hit that up. Girl’s gotta eat!

We head back to the cathedral where a few people were saved when they barricaded the door. Had a look around, found that a crypt in the graveyard was the real target and the battle was just a decoy – typical.

04 Festival

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