06 Fight and Glassworks part 1

Right, so off I head by myself to check up on this fancy dressed guy offering money. Figure I could get a few beers and maybe a few coin out of him. Not sure it was really worth it – man, can this guy talk! Keeps going on and on, calling me a lady and crap like that. He does offer this bag of stuff, which is handy, but then he keeps asking too many questions, which makes me really uncomfortable. I don’t like being asked questions. Just get down to business and be done with it, I think.

While I’m there minding my own business, getting hit on by this sleazy creep, saying “lady” this and “lady” that, the lumberjacks keep giving me eyes like I’m the one doing something wrong. So I get up from the table and wander over to them and ask if they have a problem with me to come and tell me to my face. Well, it was on. Pretty sure they threw the first punch so when the brawl finished and I got banned I was more than a little annoyed that it was seen to be my fault – I was only defending myself after all! Apparently in this town it’s not allowed for a person to defend themselves. Maybe they are just sexist pigs and get grumpy when a girl beats them up? So before long, I have 10 of them on me. 10 against 1? Geez, I must be a scary woman if it takes 10 of them to take little ol’ me down!

Decide to head back to bed to sleep this crap off. Stupid town.

Next morning, the group seems to have stuck their nose in it and got beaten up. Was glad to find out my monk survived but grumpy they went off without me and almost got him killed. Then they decide that we have to go to the damn Dragon to investigate. I wait outside and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Check out the bar’s owner’s place out back, a ranger. Seems she’s just disappeared – nothing seems missing.

Find out that there’s this book thing that the group found. I can’t read it but the pictures were… entertaining. I think the person needs to get laid because there are quite a few “interesting” pictures in it.

Head off to the glassworks where the group had been before and see the damage they did – more than I did in the bar and I’m the one that gets banned. Go figure. Find a basement and go for a wander in the dark. Find a room with a nearly dead woman, looks like maybe she had been tortured? Take her to the barracks to the healers there and get guards (what’s left of them) on her.

Back to the glassworks and find some marble altar-type thing. Magic again – hell. Suddenly something jumps out at us so I just get angry and swing the hell out of it and made it go splat. It was an awesome sound!

Next room was some big cathedral room with a girl-like creature. She does some magic trick with her blood and summons up some crap from these pools. Figure if she can do that, she needs to be dealt with first so my monk and I take her out while the rest of them dealt with the stuff coming up.

Battle done, what’s next?

06 Fight and Glassworks part 1

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