WJ Entry03 To Sandpoint

We set of the followin’ mornin’ following the tracks of the ogres but the weather wasn’t co-operatin’ with us and the rain that started up soon wiped out the tracks. With that part of the investigation havin’ come to a halt we decided to follow the young private back to Sandpoint, the tracks were headin’ in that general direction anyways.

So, we’ve got a half ogre clan with a few full ogres marked with a tattoo that we’ve seen on some townsfolk and on a couple of the dead rangers. The ogres have been pushed? into attacking the fort by some mysterious other person/group? which our prisoner really didn’t wanna talk about. Then we’ve got an unusually large number of goblins workin’ together harassing a nearby town. I’m thinkin’ whoever got the ogres stirred up is doin’ the same with the goblins.

We arrive in Sandpoint late afternoon and go the see the Captain of the guard, he’s a little surprised to see us until we identify ourselves as agents of the General and then is confused as to why we’re there. When we tell him about the goblins he’s still confused as to why we would be bothered by a handful of the creatures and says he’s had his men report that there are only a few and a couple have already been dealt with???? He wasn’t happy with the young private and at this stage neither were we.

We went back to the private to have another chat with him but he keeps to his story, says we need to talk to his sergeant when she returns so we tell him to send her to see us when she gets back and go to find lodging and a meal.

I liked the sound of the Bronze Dragon but both Pie and Bryn wanted to stay at Cracktooths Tavern, popular with the local woodsman apparently, sounded like their sorta place they said…..

Cracktooths tavern was conveniently located near to the barracks so that was somethin’ I suppose. The locals weren’t too taken with me though, not that I hadn’t expected it. On the bright side it did make gettin’ a table easy enough what with people avoidin’ being near me ‘n’ all. You’d think I was gonna put a hex on em just for lookin’ at me or somethin’.

We’d had a meal and were relaxin’ with a drink or two when the sergeant arrived, straight in from patrol she was lookin’ a little worn out, had a cut on the side of her face from a close call by the looks of it. Introduced herself as sergeant Quinn Ameko. I offered to heal the cut on her face but she declined after Pie warned her off from letting me touch her ….. dunno what that was about, I think he thought he was bein’ funny so I returned the favour by tippin’ his drink over his head.

Now, the sergeant confirmed Will’s (the private) story and the number of goblins he reported. She was the one that sent him to the fort to get the rangers, she also sent her corporal back to the town to report to the Captain. We were now all, the sergeant included, wonderin’ what had happened to that report. So back to see the Captain we went, where we discovered that the corporal had reported back to the captain but had reported only a handful of goblins not the 30 odd the sergeant had sent him back to report. What’s more, he had since left town.

The captain didn’t quite seem to know what to do at this stage but luckily the sergeant has a good head on her shoulders, a pretty one too at that! She got things organised while we went with the Captain to warn the mayor of the town of what was likely to happen, this was when we found out that most of the folks in the town would be without weapons on the followin’ day on account of the festival and openin’ of the new temple…….

So… mysterious force in the area manipulating a clan of half ogres, closest army forces out of action, unusual numbers of goblins workin’ together, corporals miss-reportin’ numbers of the goblins and then dissappearin’, all the townsfolk together for a festival and no weapons but for the guards …….

…. there’s an attack comin’

Entry04 Goblins

WJ Entry03 To Sandpoint

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