WJ Entry05 Goblins Part 2

Right, let’s see…

Mysterious Force
Half Ogre Clan
Gambling Tattoos
Goblin Body Snatchers

It all adds up to ………………..

I’m guessin’ that maybe there was somethin’ buried with the priest and maybe they took his body to hide what they were really after …………………

After talking with Quinn we decide that she should handle checking the town for where some of the goblins had been hidin’ and we would check to see where the rest came in. Brynn and Freyja went to help out patrolling and keepin’ an eye out for a follow up attack while we – Eli, Pie and meself – started with the north gate where we had come back in after scoutin’ outside that mornin’. We had seen it closed and barred behind us but it was wide open now and no sign of the four guards that had been stationed there at the time. A quick search revealed three bodies. The two in the guard house hadn’t even got their weapons out afore their throats were cut so I’m reckonin’ they knew their killer. Pie found the third guard outside the wall where he had fallen. Eli spotted something and looking closer he found a knife blade still embedded in the guards side. It had broken off at the hilt, maybe as he went over the wall. At any rate it was a distinctive blade with carvings, good and sharp too, definitely the sort of weapon used on the guards in the guard house. We searched but found no sign of the fourth guard so we closed up the gate again and went to meet up with the sergeant.

We had agreed to meet back at the tavern as it was close to the barracks so we headed there, this time when we walked in we were all greeted warmly and given drinks on the house, no one gave me a second look. Twas certainly a nice change from the previous evenin’.

Quinn arrived along with another woman and a small child, she sent them off to a table and came over and sat down with us. We gave her the bad news that she had three more dead guards and one missing, she was quiet for a bit and then asked why we thought there was a missing guard as she had only stationed three at the gate. So that gave us the killer, guard number 4. When we showed her the blade we had found I could tell from her face that she recognised it and said straight up “So that belongs to yer corporal does it?” She said it did.

So, Morgan Suto, our missing corporal gives false information to th captain, leaves town without permission and then returns in his guards uniform, kills three of his fellow soldiers and opens the gates for the goblins, so they can steal the corpse of a long dead priest…………..

Quinn tells us that Morgan has family in town, a wealthy father and a sister who runs the Bronze Dragon Inn so we’re thinkin’ that we should be talkin’ to them when Eli gets distracted by somethin’ the young boy that came in with Quinn is sayin’. He’s got a monster in his closet ………….. which, when he describes it, sounds an awful lot like a goblin. So we decide to go investigate, just in case ……………

Quinn leads us there, the house is conveniently next to the temple which raises our suspicions a little and then there’s no answer when we knock even though Quinn’s brother should be there gettin’ ready for nighshift at the glass works. She lets us in through the back door and it doesn’t take us long to find the body, her brother is lying face down on the floor of the boys room his head in the closet. Pie pulled him out and I rolled him over, pretty sure we were too late and found that his face had been eaten right off, I turned to give Quinn the bad news tryin’ to keep meself between her and what was left of her brothers face when the goblin left out of the closet and attacked Pie. I got out of the way right quick and Eli jumped in, between him and Pie the goblin had no chance.

Eli hit the little critter so hard that he knocked one of it’s teeth right out of its mouth an it flew across the room and landed at my feet. What is it with him givin’ me teeth? …………………. still, it does make for a good little trinket.

With all that happenin’ there was no hidin’ what had happened to Quinn’s brother, poor thing was terribly upset, I know how I would feel if anything like that happened to me sister. Somewhere about then the wife and child arrived and Eli had to keep them out before they saw the body. Quinn pulled herself together and asked us to take his body to the infirmary while she dealt with her family.

After that we decided to go and talk to Suto’s sister at the Bronze Dragon Inn, on the way we joined back up with Freyja. Arrivin’ at the Inn we were once again warmly greeted and offered a drink or two but we cut straight to business, askin’ for the sister. She had left unexpectedly earlier that evenin’ after receiving a message.

Searchin’ her office we found a crumpled note on the floor. It was from her brother, claiming that their father was involved in the attack and that he wanted to bring him to justice and askin’ her to meet him at the glassworks. This guy sounds like a complete nutjob……

We headed to the glassworks and found them ominously silent, given that there was supposed to be a nightshift runnin’. It was well and truly late by now and we were all worn out, not having had any rest since the attack. My protection spell had worn off ages ago and near all my attack spells had been used up in the battle earlier, I’d already use my healin’ hexes on everyone and we were guessin’ there were gonna be goblins in there ……………….

But this meetin’ was happenin’ and we wanted some answers dammit!

Enterin’ the glassworks as stealthily as possible we found the workers dead on the factory floor, bit’s of ‘em anyways. Some of them had been cut up and pieces chucked in the furnaces so the smell in there was …………….. interestin’.

That was all goblin work fer sure but in the middle of the floor we found an older man tied down on a chair, he’d had molten glass poured over him, while he was still alive, I’m guessin’ someone didn’t like him very much and it wasn’t the sorta thing goblins would do, too much effort in it for them.

I’m also guessin’ that the newly made glass ornament is Papa Suto.

Before we could investigate any further the goblins attacked, someone else slipped in to the room along with them and took cover behind one of the tables before popping up to take a shot at me. While Pie, Eli and Freyja concentrated on the group of goblins I moved forward and took some cover meself sending a quick slumber hex at the archer. He went down and I raced over and used his belt to bind his hands before he woke.

I had just finished when he came to, straight away he leapt up, earnin’ himself a crack across the shoulder with me staff. What I didn’t realise was that he’d had the same sorta trainin’ Freyja and Eli had so he took me completely by surprise when he did one of those spinny kick things and then I’m stumblin’ backwards across the room tryin’ to catch me breath and get the hell away from him at the same time …… I think the bastard cracked one of me ribs. With no protection or healin’ magic left I forgot about takin’ prisoners and just threw a bolt of magic his way tryin’ to give meself some space before he came after me.

The move musta caught him by surprise ‘cause he didn’t even dodge, the bolt burnt straight through his chest and he collapsed like a puppet with cut strings…… so much for gettin’ answers …….. who doesn’t dodge an attack???? useless, traitorous piece ‘o’ crap…..

With their leader down the remainin’ goblins made a break for it and all was quiet.

But where was the sister????

Entry06 Beneath the Glassworks

WJ Entry05 Goblins Part 2

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