WJ Entry06 Beneath the Glassworks

We found a journal on Suto’s body along with a couple of other items of interest such as a magic ring of some sort. I was already thinkin’ that he was a bit odd in the head and the journal confirms it. It also confirms that Sandpoint’s troubles are not over yet, seems Suto wanted to burn the place to the ground and he’s not workin’ alone. The journal talks of his lover and her transformation. The first part of which was triggered by the burning of her fathers corpse, which was the body of the priest stolen from the graveyard. Now we know why they took it but its too late to do anything about it apparently.

I remember when we were talkin’ to people about the old priest there was mention of a daughter, an orphan he had adopted, but she was supposed to have died in the fire along with him, apparently not. The journal speaks of her wanting to remove her celestial taint and the burning of the body being the first step in her transformation. It also mentions the name of a dark goddess, one whose name I’ll not mention here, better safe than sorry. Apparently the transformation has already started and Suto doesn’t didn’t like the look of her new hand/arm but he’s hoping that the final transformation will turn her in to some sexy demon woman, what an idiot!

The journal also mentioned smugglers tunnels under the glassworks so we searched the place finding it to be empty of anything livin’. After some backtrackin we eventually located the entrance to a cellar which seemed to have some tunnels leadin’ off from it. At this stage we decided to barricade the entry to the tunnels and head back into town to rest up and treat our injuries.

The next morning after filling in Quinn on what we had found we returned to the glassworks taking Brynn with us this time. We made a quick detour to the Rusty Dragon just in case the sister had returned but there was no sign of her. Once we got back into the cellars it didn’t take long to find her bound and gagged and locked in a room down there. She was barely holdin’ on havin’ been beaten and tortured by the looks of it – Suto really did have some issues with his family. I tended to her, made sure she wasn’t gonna die on us but she was still out of it so we took her back into town and the infirmary before proceedin’ further into the tunnels.

We headed back into the tunnels with Pie leadin’ the way, him being the scout an all. Which ‘o’ course meant he was the first one attacked when we investigated a side cavern and a critter the likes ‘o’ which I’ve never seen dropped down from the ceiling. Not sure if it was some sorta undead or not, was man shaped -ish, had a right nasty mouth on it, like a 3 piece sorta jaw, wierd, got an interesting tooth from it though when meself and Eli investigated the corpse, some sort poison fang, though it didn’t seem to have affected Pie when it bit him.

Next we found a bigger cavern with a big black alter in it, never a good sign, religion tends to mess with peoples heads.

Then we found a cavern with this nasty bubbling pool in it from which some sorta little flyin’ demon thing popped out. It used it’s own blood to summon some more of those critters we met before so while Eli and Bryn chased the flyin’ critter around the cavern meself, Pie and Freyja dealt with the others.

Luckily for me, me powers are growin’, Ta’en taught me a couple of new spells just this mornin’ so I had a few extra tricks up me sleeve which came in mighty useful during the battle. Eli got himself pretty hurt fightin’ the little critter, he was still a little injured from the previous day and it was nastier than it looked apparently, so I had to help him out with a potion to keep him going once we had taken care of our side of things and Pie moved in to help with the little one which was soon finished off.

Whatever are we goin’ to find next?

Entry07 Beneath the Glassworks Part 2

WJ Entry06 Beneath the Glassworks

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