WJ Entry07 Beneath the Glassworks Part 2

We spent quite a while searchin’ the rest of the place and saw some strange things, like 3 skeletons locked in little rooms of their very own, each one was unnatural in some way, one had three arms, another a really big head and the third a long body but short legs. We also found a room that was round, like a ball, and had things floating in it, a wand, a book, a dead raven and a bottle of wine. Eli tied some rope to himself and jumped in – he floated too and was able to grab some of the stuff and we pulled him out. There was a room with a bunch of zombies in pits and they were guarded by a big headed, three armed goblin thing, weird – kinda like a mix of the skeletons we found. In one room a flying head attacked Eli but he fought it off and I finished it with a flame burst. That pretty much cleared the place out and we returned to the town and informed the sergeant what we had found. We also recommended collapsing the tunnel so that nothing else could come out of there from the portals.

Quinn recommended that we talk to and Elf ranger that had recently returned to town, if anyone would be able to point us in the right direction for the goblin camp she would. Sure enough, she did and we made our plans based on her information. That night I had a strange dream about a white haired girl, pregnant and cowering in fear before a robed man and then her again but not pregnant and screaming and crying while trying to tear a wall down. The next morning Eli mentions a weird dream and when I asked what sort of dream he mentions a white haired girl and then Freyja chimes in that she too had strange dreams. When we questioned Bryn about having strange dreams she went all weird on us and refused to talk about it to start with, then says she wants some sort of enticement to tell us – she seems to forget that she is part of the army, part of a team. I said that I would heal her wounds some more if she would tell us about the dreams, they certainly seemed important to what was going on so I don’t understand why she would refuse to share her information with the group? She didn’t take kindly to my response and things went downhill from there, she ended up threatenin’ me. Then all of a sudden she turns around and tells us all about the dreams she had, just like that??? It leads to wonderin’ why it is that only her and Eli made it through the trainin’ missions…………..

All of the dreams seemed to be fragments of the life of the supposedly dead girl who was now planning to take her vengeance on the town that so abused her, I can sympathize with that! But, our mission is to protect the Kingdom so we can’t be havin’ that. But why did we have those dreams?

We decide that we would attempt to deceive our way into the goblin camp, pose as more followers of the dark goddess so that we could try and get close to this girl that is behind all the trouble. We spent the rest of the day preparing, I brewed potions for the group while the others did their own preparations.

The next morning the ranger lead us towards Thistletop where the goblins have their camp. She would only take us so far though and left us to find our own way through the dense thistles the area was named for. We only came across one guard, some sort of goblin spellcaster, we overcame him and questioned him for a bit, he seemed more afraid of the girl in the camp than us though he did tell us that she has a small group of lieutenants that we should be wary of, sounds like things are gonna get messy. It’s a good thing I can feel me powers growing’.

Entry08 Thistletop

WJ Entry07 Beneath the Glassworks Part 2

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