WJ Entry10 New Orders Return to Sandpoint

After our week off, most of which I spent sellin’ off the loot we had picked up and buyin’ ingredients for brewin’ potions and then brewin’ the potions for our little band. Funny how they react to me bein’ a witch, all "eeeww, your a witch, your creepy and so on and yet happily accept potions I brew for them……… Not Freyja though, she doesn’t care.

The warhorse from Thistletop was still hangin’ around so I spent some time winning him over, bein’ able to speak to animals probably helped there, that an just treating him well. His name is Shadowmist, seems like a suitable name for the horse of a Shadowguard. Of course he’s more a friend than a steed but he actually lets me ride him now or perhaps it’s more that he has agreed to carry me places.

Anyway we got all split up for a few smaller jobs next, well, mostly anyway, Eli, Bryn and the new guy, Jarod?, the one with the axe, all got sent off on their own tasks. Me and Freyja got sent off on a job together, it was like old times, just without Pie, not that I miss him that much though, he never really accepted me, not like Freyja does. Anyway, we had a good time travelling together.

It seems some Dwarves in the Grey Mountains to the west had foolishly denied the General’s request for armour and weapons so we were sent in to “sort things out”. It was a simple enough task, we went in – didn’t get much of a warm welcome from the Dwarves with Freyja bein’ a half orc and me lookin’ like an Elf. Killed the stubborn leader – you know, dwarves get really upset when you set their beards on fire, they settled down right quick when I held their lords head aloft with me hair though. Made an impression – piss off the General again an you’re all gonna die sorta thing – and appointed a more agreeable leader, one that could see the sense of doin’ business with the General.

On our return we met with the others in a tavern before going to report to the General. Everyone seemed happy with the way things went, Bryn was as relaxed as I’ve ever seen her, I think she must got lucky on her mission. Eli however was quieter than usual and looked pretty battered. With a little prompting he revealed that his mission had been to take Nualia off for her training and it hadn’t gone well. In fact she had beaten Eli to a pulp, killed all the other guards in the retinue and ran off……. That certainly killed the conversation.

After a little more digging it came out that Nualia had taken a fancy to Eli and had attempted to seduce him. He turned her down, not very politely it seemed. Poor thing, Nualia that is, just because he doesn’t like her demon hand …..

Of course Eli had vouched for her to the General….. and we had backed him on it……reporting to the General was suddenly looking grim.

Miraculously we all kept our heads ….. and the rest of our body parts. The General was NOT happy …. but she just gave us a new mission. I’m certainly glad the rest of us were able to report success for our own tasks, if we hadn’t …..

At any rate it was time to be on our way, Jarod wanted info on our last trip to Sandpoint but I told him to saddle up and we would fill him in on the way, best not to hang around too long, just in case the General changed her mind.

The trip back to Sandpoint was uneventful and we made good time. It seems there’ been some nasty murders that the guards need some help with. On a good note, the old Captain has disappeared and Quinn has been made Captain in his place on our recommendation, she was pretty much running the show anyway. We went straight to see her when we arrived and were shocked to see her all beaten and bruised, apparently the father of one of the victims lost the plot a little when Quinn told him the bad news. I offered her healing and she gratefully accepted, didn’t even flinch about it – I like her :)

There have been a few murders, two swindlers in a barn outside the town, a whore in the town and just last night a miller and the daughter of a shopkeeper at the lumber mill. The bodies were ripped up pretty bad, except for the whore who was just strangled and a seven pointed star had been carved into the bodies. A quick check of dates told us that it couldn’t have been Nualia so that was something at least. An interesting addition to the puzzle was a couple of notes, written in blood and addressed to Bryn. She couldn’t read so I took them and was considerin’ messin’ with her a bit but once I had read them I didn’t need to. Someone wants something from her, talks about taking her strength in a kinda creepy love letter way, signed by His Lordship. Weird!

The older bodies were in cold storage so we decided to go to the mill first. What a mess, the shopkeepers daughter had been shoved through the log splitting machine, poor thing and the guy had been clawed up and pinned to the wall and his lower jaw was missing. The bodies smelled of rot, already, but it was too soon for that, what the hell has claws that infect the body with rot? There were muddy tracks coming out of and then going back in to the river but we couldn’t find any sign of them leaving the river?

Returning to town we checked out the bodies in the cold storage and found some similarities between the killings. Then we went to the cells at the barracks to talk to a couple of people being held there, one being the shopkeeper that had attacked Quinn and the other was the partner of the dead guy from the mill. We spoke to him first and I decided to accuse him of the murder, just to see how he would react, I didn’t really think he had done it but it never hurts to shake someone up before questioning. Well, he got all shirty and told us he had told the Captain everything and we could go talk to her if we wanted answers. Wrong Answer! I used me hair to reach into the cell, grab him and drag him to the bars, poor thing wet himself. I dropped him and he scrabbled back to the far side of the cell whilst Eli explained that we were Shadowguard and he had better start being a little more helpful. I asked him again why he had done it and he spilled all the information he didn’t have. The only thing of interest was that the dead guy had been fiddlin’ the books at the mill.

Next we spoke to the shopkeeper. Meanwhile Bryn had got bored, there’s a surprise, so she went off with Jarod who had decided that he needed to take another look at the mill. I had intended to be quite unpleasant to the shopkeeper seeing as he beat up Quinn but seeing him slumped on the bunk of his cell mourning his daughter I suddenly didn’t have the heart to, although, I might still Hex him at some stage, depends on his behavior. He didn’t have any useful information so Eli suggested that we head over to the whorehouse to ask about the dead whore.

The Pixies Kitty, interesting name. The halfling at the reception desk thought we were there on business, well, we were but not like that. Then she said we could make an appointment, then we showed her our Shadowguard papers and she went to get the madam. Meanwhile this big half orc fella comes out and stands nearby, obviously the bouncer thinkin’ we might be gonna cause some trouble, I,m thinkin’ he could be a bit of fun for Feyja :)

We talked to the madam and a couple of the girls but didn’t find anything particularly useful. It was hilarious watching Eli’s face when one of the girls thought we were a couple looking for a bit of fun though, Bryn and Jarod interrupted our questions though so we may have to go back there at some stage.

Jarod had found an axe back at the mill that we had missed in our first visit. Someone must have tried to fight off whatever it was that attacked because the head of the axe was covered in a black sticky goo that smelt terrible. Bryn had some useful info overheard from a farmer in the tavern where she had went to get us lodgings. Apparently he had seen things moving in his neighbors fields, thinks that stank like death……… time to take a ride out to the farmsteads.

It was late afternoon but we decided that we would head out and take a look. May not have been the best idea. When we got there we found a dead farmer with a seven pointed star carved into his chest and another note for Bryn pinned to his chest. Further back into the farmhouse we found the wife and son. They had both been turned into some sort of undead, ghouls I think, nasty. When we went out side Bryn heard cryin’ from the field but wanted to go check the nearby barn so Eli said he would meet us there and slipped off into the fields to investigate.

We could hear moaning coming from the barn but couldn’t see in, from time to time the door would rattle as though something inside was tryin’ to get out. I flew up to the loft to take a look and sure enough, there was a bunch of shamblin’ figures inside, more undead. Eli came back from the fields carryin a dying woman, she had been strung up as a scarecrow apparently. Bryn wanted to burn the barn and the undead inside it, but if the fire spreads to the crops, things could go bad real quick ……

Night is coming on fast too ….

Entry11 Ghouls in the Fields, Ghosts in the Manor

WJ Entry10 New Orders Return to Sandpoint

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