WJ Entry11 Ghouls in the Fields, Ghosts in the Manor

The woman Eli had found was beyond help, she was turning, into one of the creatures in the barn. Eli, Bryn and Jarod were all for burning the barn and the things inside. I pointed out that it if spread to the fields it would do a LOT of damage. They didn’t care, thought it was a quick way to deal with any others strung up out there, turning into more ghouls. In some ways it made sense and as a last resort would be an acceptable action, if it was required to save the town. But destroying the crops that provide for this region of the Kingdom would cause other problems and I don’t think that taking the easy route and causing additional problems was going to earn us any points with the General and after our last meeting with her …… When I pointed this out to them they finally reconsidered.

Then it was too late anyway, the barn door crashed open finally giving way to the creatures inside and we were fighting for our lives. I took to the air while the others engaged the creatures, throwin’ in a spell when there was an opening and keepin’ an eye out for anything else comin’ for us. The fight was over quick enough with only some minor injuries. One of the dead was obviously not a farm worker and a search of the body revealed a fancy key with some sort of crest on it…? From the air I had seen a number of "scarecrows’ out in the fields so we set to work cleaning the place out, some had already turned so we killed those quickly and some were just actual scarecrows but we did find another, like the woman, that hadn’t turned yet. Eli was curious about the turning process so we decided to take the two back to town. It was late by then and the gate guards challenged us before they realised who we were, they’re a little jumpy with the murders going on. We took the two farm workers to the barracks and locked them up in separate cells. Eli wanted to know if killing someone who was infected would stop them turning, or maybe speed up the process so he gave the woman a quick death and left the other alive. The others decided to head to the Inn, I chose to stay with Eli, this would maybe be an important piece of information, so we sat down across from the cells to wait. I may have fallen asleep on his shoulder …… it had been a long day. Both of them turned into ghouls which we put down, so maybe killin’ someone who is infected doesn’t stop them from turning, although she was pretty far gone so maybe if we had got to her earlier, I guess some more tests would be needed to know for sure.

On the way to the Inn we caught up with the others, they had encountered a ghoul on the way, it was, well, had been, one of the barmaids from the Rusty Dragon. There was another note, this one havin’ a laugh about the fox outwitting the hounds. A name mentioned when we visited the whorehouse had caught my attention and now a mention of foxes …….. hmmmmm………….. Alden Foxglove, I remember Bryn complainin’ about him callin’ her a lady all the time when she had first met him in the tavern ….. and the letters refered to her as his lady ……….. guess we need to talk to him.

We went to warn the Captain about what we had found, especially the bit about a ghoul wanderin’ the streets. Quinn looked kinda cute with her hair all mussed up from sleepin’ and all angry with Eli for bangin’ on her door at that time of night. We told her what we had found and asked some questions about Foxglove, things bein’ so late an alll we nearly forgot about the key. When she saw it she identified the crest as bein’ the Foxglove family crest.

So that was the plan for the next day, head out to the old Foxglove Manor, which had been abandoned since Alden was a child and his parents died up until his return in the recent months. I did some more thinkin’ about the ghouls and how they were bein’ made and remembered that their is a ghoul like creature, a ghast, that can infect people and turn them into ghouls. It is undead but not mindless like ghouls and zombies and such. The question is, if Alden is a ghast how did he end up bein’ on an all, he certainly wasn’t undead some weeks back when we saved him from th goblins? The manor house is supposed to be cursed or haunted or some such thing, if he became a ghast after moving out there perhaps there is something to the rumours.

The following mornin’ we set off for the manner. On the way through town we ran into a group of guards, there was one who expressed concern for us, asked us take care out there …… kinda cute too …..

When we got to the manor it was easy to see why folks would think it was haunted, just lookin’ at it gave everyone the creeps, I kinda liked it. The key let us in easy enough, inside everything looked deserted, covered in dust, mouldy … and then things stared to get interesting, there was a set of stained glass windows lookin’ out over the river and the scenes they depicted were not exactly what I was expectin’ to find in what was supposed to be a family home. Also, it really was haunted, saw the ghost of some woman, she was callin’ someones name.

In the library things started to get nasty, a brightly coloured scarf flew across the room and started to strangle Eli, we tried but couldn’t get it off him but then all of a sudden it just fell to the floor leaving him gasping for breath. All we had seen was the scarf but Eli swore he had taken the place of a ghostly woman and Alden had used the scarf to strangle her/him? Bein’ the family home we were thinkin’ it was his wife but I don’t recall Quinn sayin’ anything about him bein’ married, maybe it was what happened to the dead whore, she was strangled….?

Next, as we ended up back in the entry hall. Freyja started yellin’ and flailing around and smoke was comin’ off her, it was over before we could do anything. She swore one of the stuffed critters had breathed fire at her and she had caught fire, her skin was kinda red and a bit blistered but there had been no fire.

After that Eli ended up bein’ sucked into a ghost dance which left him feelin’ pretty exhausted, said the woman he was dancin’ with died and fell apart right before his eyes. This place keeps gettin’ weirder …… and we’ve only just looked through the bottom floor.

We were all feelin’ a little edgy by the time we finished downstairs and headed for the stairs upwards. One of the first rooms we entered had been a child’s room and Bryn got hit this time, just froze up and when she snapped out she looked freaked out. Said that she had been a child hiding under the bed in the room while his parents hunted each other through the hose, whoever won would be coming for the child next, sounds like a messed up family. Bad things have happened here.

We found another room upstairs with stained glass windows, five panes, each one depicting a necromantic component, the sorta things, if I remember correctly, that would be used for transforming a wizard into a lich. With that sort of decor there’s no way this was ever going to be a happy family home. Who the hells where these people and what happened here?

The next thing to happen was that Bryn and Jarod were both possessed and started to come out with boils all over their faces and arms, not pretty, even less so when they started trying to claw the boils off of themselves. Eli grappled Bryn, trying to stop her from harming herself more and I tangled up Jarod with my hair, people are surprised by just how strong it is. They snapped out of it soon enough but still had the damage they had inflicted on themselves before we were able to stop them.

Then things got really messy, whatever it was in the next room latched on to me this time. The details are fuzzy, I think I was man? Whoever it was, they were real mad, mad enough to kill and so that’s what I tried to do. I don’t know why but I wanted to kill Freyja, so I launched a ligtening bolt right at her, she’s pretty good at getting the hell out of the way of stuff like that thankfully. Unfortunately Bryn and Jarod both got caught in the blast. With that spell gone I tried stranglin’ her with me hair, without success thankfully. Eli saw what was happening and was out of the way of my spells so he tried to stop me. He didn’t try to grab me and hold me down so I couldn’t cast though, oh no! He beat me into unconsciousness! So, grapple the barbarian, beat the witch up ……..hmmph!

Jarod was the next victim, picked up a dagger in the next room and was all set to cut his own throat by the looks of it. Eli tried to stop him and almost got cut for his efforts, then Jarod snapped out of it and the dagger turned into a stick!

I’ve definitely had enough of this place, everyone is hurt to some extent, my best spells have been used up trying to kill the only person I would call a friend and we haven’t even seen any sign of the man we’re looking for. I don’t want to think about what else might happen here, how the hell do you fight ghostly memories that like to relive themselves through you…..?

Entry12 Beneath the Manor

WJ Entry11 Ghouls in the Fields, Ghosts in the Manor

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