WJ Entry17 Detour to Sandpoint

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting week since returning to Kyrien. After the meeting with the General we retired to the inn for a drink (or two). That’s when the questions started. Nothing had been mentioned on the return trip but now, perhaps because we weren’t in the middle of hostile territory, we could discuss things.

Although first off Eli had to talk his way round Bryn and having mentioned her drinking in front of the General, she was Not happy about that.

I asked Eli why he kept insistin’ that he wasn’t a monk, even though he kinda fights like one. It was an interesting explanation about bein’ kicked out of the order for not following their beliefs and doing whatever it took to win, even if it meant using any sort of advantage, what some might call cheatin’. When I started askin’ me question he obviously thought I was gonna ask about the General but that is his business (and hers of course and I’m not pryin’ into her business).

Then Eli started askin’ questions. He started with Freyja and wanted to know about her killin’ her mother and how that all happened and such. I said that it was her business and that she didn’t have to talk about it if she didn’t want to ………….. and she didn’t, fair enough I say.

Then he turns to me and asks about me mum bein’ a Hag. I clarified that it was me mother that was the Hag not me mum and then had to explain how Hags lure in a lover through trickery, illusions and suchforth, and mate with them and then devour them once the job is done. The child resulting from the union takes after the fathers race in physical appearance, mine was obviously a half elf, but have a few differences such as mismatched eyes and claws. Once born the child is left somewhere where they will be found and raised by a family, Hags not bein’ very maternal an all. Then came the question of whether or not a Hag was gonna come lookin’ for her daughter at any stage so I had to explain all that as well and reassure him that it wasn’t going to happen. At least none of them seem to dislike me any more than before ……. Interestingly enough, despite that, Brynn and even Eli accepted my Witches mark upon them, Freyja already had, so that I can heal them with my healin’ hex from a distance. It seems that after what we have been through together, and the number of times that I’ve patched them up, that they have come to trust me …….. I never thought that was going to happen.

After that we all kinda did separate things, Eli got a message from the castle and had to leave (off to see the General?), Bryn started drinking and ended up getting in a fight (no surprise there) and Freyja actually met another half orc in the bar and they started gettin’ along just fine …… and then disappeared off somewhere together (yay for her). Which left me all by meself, until the fellow I met back In Lirien Crossing (before we headed to Fort Rannick the first time) wandered into the bar. Convenient as I was feelin’ the need for some companionship an all.

We had a bit o fun together and afterwards I asked him about his tattoo I had noticed last time, the seven pointed star. He told me about how it was for the gambling barge and didn’t seem to know anything about the more sinister side of things concerning that symbol. That bein’ the case I decided that we didn’t need to detain him further for more questions and enlightened him as to the real meaning of the symbol. He looked a bit concerned (a little ill even) and I recommended that maybe he might want to get to removed. Then I kicked him out of me room and went to sleep.

We decided to take a slight detour to Sandpoint on the way to Magnimar to get a little more info on the Foxgloves and their background. The General had informed us that they had a house in Magnimar so we wanted to look for any info on that and pick up one of those cages that had been sent to Alden.

That’s when things started to get interesting, Bryn flat out refused to go to Sandpoint. Seems that everything that happened there has got her totally freaked out …… I though that might be why she had taken to drinkin’ even more than usual. Freyja came up with the solution by suggestin’ that her and Bryn stop in at Fort Rannick and check out how things were going there with the repairs while meself and Eli went on to Sandpoint.

We reported in to Captain Ameiko when we got there to let her know what we were up to and got the good news that the clerics had been through and cleansed the Foxglove Manor while we had been in the Thorn Wastes. Quinn seemed disappointed when I said that we were only stopping the night before heading back to Rannick and then on to Magnimar which left Eli with a speculative look on his face as we left her office.

The Foxglove Manor was in disrepair but no longer had that creepy feelin’ to it and we were able to make our way through the house without any hauntings, looks like the clerics did a good job, even that weird mold that had been everywhere was dried out and dying. We got what we came for and decided that with all the Foxgloves dead we would claim the house for use by the Shadowguard. It would need some work but I could leave Bailey here to look after things and organise the repairs, he wouldn’t be of much use in Magnimar anyway.

We rode back in to Sandpoint and gave Quinn a report on the status of the house and that we were claiming it. She asked if we were stayin’ at the Rusty Dragon again and said she might come by and have dinner with us if we didn’t mind.

On the way to the Dragon Eli leans in and says to me “She likes you”. I was like, well, yeah, I know. Quinn was wary of me to start with but after I saved a couple her soldiers lives with me healin’ that all changed and she accepted me, that’s why I like her so much.

He kept on about it on the way to the Inn and then says he will prove it to me that night when she came to dinner. Most of the time Eli is quite serious but every now and then he’s just plain peculiar.

At the Inn we took the opportunity of chatting with Calyth who owns the place, asked her if she had ever been to Magnimar in her travels, she got all wary and concerned about us goin’ there, turns out her and her band of adventurers had a run in with a guild there, the same one we were gonna be lookin’ in to and gave some advice and a method of contactin’ another guild who might be good for information.

Later that evenin’ Quinn came to meet us for dinner and Eli started behavin’ real odd. Starts off bein’ all charmin’ and chatin’ her up and so on. She just gives him a look and starts talkin’ to me. Then he starts sayin’ all these random things, weird stuff, just out of the blue. Quinn just gives him a polite nod from time to time and carries on her conversation with me, after a bit he gives up and walks off to the bar. Then he comes back with a fancy bottle of wine and two goblets, places it between us and says “She Likes You!” and walks off again. I start apologising for his behaviour sayin’ I don’t know whats goin’ on with him this evenin’ and notice that Quinn is blushing ……..?

The wine was good though and as the evenin’ progressed, without Eli’s caryin’ on, I suddenly realised that Quinn fancied me! That was what he was goin’ on about, I don’t know why he did just come out and say it! Men are so strange sometimes.

As for strange, well, Quinn fancied me! I’ve never had anyone who I knew and liked fancy me before, they’ve all just been a fling for a night, some soldier or other fellow that got up enough balls (usually by drinkin’ enough) to approach the Witch and here I was sitting down chattin’ with someone I knew and liked, and she knew me and what I was and she didn’t just like me, she fancied me!!!

Well, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I’ve never had, how did Eli put it ….. he was in a “relationship” with the General ……… I’ve never had a relationship with anyone before but I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to give it a try. Plus there was the fact that we were both women and I wasn’t quite sure how that was supposed to work either …………

Quinn though, knew what she was doing and we had ……………… quite a time together ………. even spent the whole night together afterwards, that’s never happened before either.

I didn’t want to leave the next mornin’ either and I know Quinn was disappointed that I had to leave so soon. Previously I’ve always been able to just ride away, off on the next mission, without lookin’ back but this time was different. Hopefully we can finish up business in Magnimar fairly quickly and make our way back to Sandpoint, we do have the base to set up at the Foxglove Manor after all ………

We got to Fort Rannick which was well underway with bein’ repaired and collected Freyja and Brynn and set off on the road for Magnimar. On the way Freyja tells us that Brynn has been actin’ odd since gettin’ to the Fort, no socializin’, no drinkin’ and no_ fightin_’. She was quiet and broody too, kinda like when she has a hangover but more so. We tried talkin’ to her but she said she was fine and just wanted to know when she could kill stuff. Freyja seemed to have things worked out pretty much though. On top of what happened in Sandpoint, there had been the revelation of Eli’s relationship with the General. Now that didn’t faze me and Freyja all that much but Brynn and him have been workin’ together for the last two years so she seems to think that was a major betrayal of trust. Eli tried apologising but that didn’t really help and we kinda got stuck at that point. I think it’s less a case of betrayal and more a case of Brynn fancyin’ Eli. She was quite possessive of him when we first teamed up, callin’ him her monk an all. I suppose she sees it as a betrayal, in a way ……

Oh well, as long as it doesn’t affect us all workin’ together ………

Entry18 The Road to Magnimar

WJ Entry17 Detour to Sandpoint

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